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Ikea kitchen and bespoke doors

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shovetheholly Tue 02-Jun-15 09:39:43

Two questions about this!

1. Has anyone gone down the route of buying carcasses from Ikea and then putting on their own doors/drawer fronts? How did it work for you? Where did you source the doors?

2. I like the look of kitchens like this picture (I am sorry, I do not know what they are called) - where the doors don't take up the whole surface of the front but are instead fitted within a frame with hinges. Is there a way of doing this neatly with Ikea units, or is it a non-starter?

patterkiller Tue 02-Jun-15 09:42:11

Have a look at they are comparison in price to ikea, better quality and have loads of solid painted inset doors like those you like.

shovetheholly Tue 02-Jun-15 10:21:15

Thank you!

I am new to all this and very lost. I could cry, because I just don't have a clue what I'm doing and don't even know where to start. So pointers are really useful.

I have read another kitchen thread and am wondering if I am best going for another style of kitchen altogether.

Walnutpie Tue 02-Jun-15 11:44:20

shove.. There's no right or wrong style of kitchen. So just pick what style you enjoy and have the budget for.

Once you've picked the style that makes you happy to look at, the kitchen planners at the retail outlets will give you loads of advise about planning the layout.

Lastly, kitchen fitters will install for you.

Do it one step at a time!

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