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Moving to areas you aren't familiar with

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ArgentinianMalbec Sat 30-May-15 19:45:27

We're thinking of relocating to Royston, Herts. Trying to research areas to avoid online but can't find anything.
We've found a lovely house but I'm concerned its in a dubious area, and a little overpriced.
What would you do?! I'm torn as have fallen for the house!
Does anyone local to Royston know of any more dubious areas?

Goodbetterbest Sat 30-May-15 20:00:22

It might be helpful to be more specific in your title if you are looking at a specific area. I'm sure you'll get some MNers in the know.

I had huge success with MN when I moved to an area I didn't know. Lots of good advice and lots of MNers who are now friends in RL.

Sorry I can't help in any real terms though!

Good luck with it.

ArgentinianMalbec Sat 30-May-15 20:08:53

Good - thanks for the tip, I didn't want it to be too obvious on a Google search incase I was easily identifiable. Should have name changed!
Thanks for your reply!

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