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How easy is it to reuse old bricks for a wall?

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ProfessorDent Sat 30-May-15 12:38:01

Someone left the handbreak of the car opposite our house, it rolled down the tilted driveway and crashed into our red brick garden wall. They have been fine about paying for it, when we find someone to do the job.

Some builders down the road said they could rebuild it using the same bricks. Is that possible? It would help a lot, as otherwise it is hard to match the same brick colour. Are they spinning a line or are the other builders, who suggest they will have to use other bricks (which we pay for no doubt) spinning one, if either? One fellow who popped round suggested we rebuild the entire frontage from scratch to avoid having to match the brickwork.

Anyone know?

Solo Sat 30-May-15 12:43:03

If the bricks are sound, they can be reused. My builder just used 50% of my old (30+year) bricks to rebuild a retaining wall (the others were no good). If they aren't crumbling, they should be good and a decent builder should tell you that and be competent enough to make a good judgement on the soundness of your bricks.

Disclaimer: I am not a builder!

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