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Should we change agents?

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Lirogiro Thu 28-May-15 13:18:40

Hi All,

We're first time sellers and had the property on the market for about 16 weeks. We've had lots of viewings and a couple of weeks ago had four lots of second viewers look at the property. I got all excited thinking we were close to selling it but have had no offers.

Spoke to estate agents to ask what their advice was as we aren't getting any new requests to look round the house at the moment either. The agent said that the property was getting higher than average click throughs on right move so people were interested but that she thought we should reduce the price. We've already reduced it once and are near getting to a point where we would be in negative equity if we reduced it any further (we bought in 2010, so definitely after the crash so don't really think we should get less than we paid).

We have just finished the end of our original contract period with that agent so should we serve them notice and go with someone else or stay with them, reduce and see if people actually offer?


shakemysilliesout Thu 28-May-15 13:34:39

Hi- been on for 15 weeks so can sympathise!!

We changed agents at 12 week- felt that although they got loads of people round and a few 2nd viewings they weren't finding the one. I think they weren't getting the right people in. They also overvalued our place. We had one low offer.

Our agent had a High commission so it was a no brainer for us to try another agent. Also The high commission made me not want to reduce price with them. I may have stayed with them if they had a lower commission.

Are u getting feedback?

Do not sell at a price u are unhappy with. Dont be pressured.

Sorry to offer no advice!

I know it's a pain getting photos taken again if u get a new agent.

Lirogiro Thu 28-May-15 14:24:00

Thanks! Nice to hear another story. We are getting feedback. Pretty universally people like the house and initially we got feedback that the price was too high, but haven't had that since we reduced it. I think the most interested parties still haven't sold their houses yet so aren't proceeding for that reason.

I think we'll relist with someone else, I just want to sell really!

orangina01 Fri 29-May-15 10:01:32

I would relist it if you think it will get new viewers through the door - sometimes big agencies do have a list of potential buyers who aren't trawling rightmove every waking moment (like I was). And if someone really wants the house they won't worry too much about not having sold theirs yet (unless they are really unsure what price they will get). We offered on current house before ours was even on the market, because we really didn't want to lose it.

Photos are key, but also have a look at your competition before you drop your price. Our house sold in a week but the one we bought had been on for AGES because it was possibly a bit overpriced... luckily we did better than we thought on ours and paid a bit more as we really wanted to be in a specific school catchment.

Don't panic yet, someone will buy your house!

wowfudge Fri 29-May-15 14:23:04

Hmm - you wouldn't get viewings if the price put people off. It really is key to get feedback and a good agent should be getting feedback and passing that on to you.

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