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So many threads on engineered wood floorig - now another one

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kah22 Sun 24-May-15 10:14:02

Not quite the 'should I put engineered wood in a kitchen' question. I've all but made up my mind that I will.

I've spoken to two installers, one talks about gluing the wood down the other about floating it or having it on a raft. I don’t think a raft would be suitable, so it would be down to floating or gluing it to a solid cement floor.

My question: Why glue? I’m thinking that if the worse did happen then it would be one hell of a job getting the damaged part of the floor up and could possible cause more damage While a floated floor would seem to be easier to repair, if needed!

I’d like to hear views on the best way to lay an engineered wood floor. The wood will be on a solid cement floor which has been levelled.


stripytees Sun 24-May-15 17:51:44

My flooring installer said glued down would feel more solid and strong. I chose floated for similar reasons you mention and it feels perfectly solid to me. Floated is a bit quicker and cheaper to fit too.

TalkinPeace Sun 24-May-15 18:30:29

My bamboo is all glued down. The glue is also the DPC.
Been down 6 years and all fine.
Not sure why I'd need to dig it up.

Kieron79 Mon 25-May-15 14:07:49

Our builder and flooring supplier suggested glued down so that's what we went with. I think it was the actual grooves that get glued rather than the back of the actual flooring, builder said it was a oain due to time it took but much better job overall apparently

Marmitelover55 Mon 25-May-15 14:32:17

I think ours was secret nailed in the grooves rather than glue. We have a suspended timber floor rather than concrete slab - don't know if this makes a difference.

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