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Help me narrow down my kitchen choice!

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bottersnikes Thu 21-May-15 15:30:56

Dh's patience with kitchen designs has run out, so I need some help narrowing down my choices so far.
We've got a lovely, light rectangular room in which we're installing a L-shaped kitchen. As it's so light, a gloss kitchen might be just too bright, so I'm thinking matt and either grey or cream.

Our design is sorted, it's just the choice between Howdens, Ikea and DIY Kitchens that is difficult! If we spend more on the kitchen itself, we'll spend less on the worktop and get appliances from EBay but I can't decide which is a better choice.


VeryPunny Thu 21-May-15 16:39:35

We have gone for an IKEA kitchen. They are a Which best buy and come with a 25 year guarantee. We have generally bought our appliances elsewhere though.

I think you really need to concentrate on getting a good fitter - I think that makes all the difference!

annalouiseh Thu 21-May-15 16:48:05

With quality the selection of kitchen choice is simple.
Ikea is the lower in the 3
howdens are next up as pre built not always on door quality
Diy will be a better unit than all listed, doors depend on what you select.
many on here say pre built only saves fitting cost although this helps as easier to fit yet this is not why companies send pre built unit.
pre built will be a stronger construction than the cam construction.
both howdens and diy supply the 8mm back boards on the units,
Matt kitchens from ikea or howdens will be a foil or vinyl.
Diy offer these also but they also supply painted, this is a better door.
All depends on what you want and what you feel is important to you.
Many will plug ikea on here yet they are entry level on kitchen units.
diy will be the best unit on your choice for a unit. construction and colour choice that is not offered with the others.
look at the door finish as this will be the item used more.
have fun

bottersnikes Thu 21-May-15 17:43:44

That's really helpful, thank you.
DIY Kitchens does seem to offer a really wide range, even though I baulk slightly at paying £150 for delivery, knowing that if I've missed out anything I'll have to pay for delivery all over again!

Painted doors do seem to be a good option, particularly as this gives us the option of respraying them when they get tired.

MrsPJones Thu 21-May-15 19:43:55

DIY kitchens have 10% off till Thurs 4th June. I need my kitchen in August, I called them and they said it was ok to order now.

RaisingSteam Thu 21-May-15 23:23:24

Agree DIY kitchens have a much wider range of unit sizes and shapes and better quality of carcase than Ikea. They will also custom build some units/doors within limits - my mum got them to make a 550mm unit and Clayton door so she didn't waste an inch of her space.

I like that you can order all kinds of bits and pieces and really customise your kitchen - other ranges (including Howdens) seem to give you fewer options. I'm not saying Ikea are rubbish, they are good value and clever, but they are a lower specification.

The £150 delivery is the true cost of 2 guys and a lorry for half a day - it's just not hidden in the unit prices. IIRC there is a lower delivery for bits you've missed that they can put in the post.

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