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Advice on soundproofing a house with paper thin walls?

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omnisianbles Thu 21-May-15 00:33:52

Does anyone have budget-friendly tips on how to soundproof a house with paper-thin walls? I live in a house of four and we can hear what everyone else is doing all the time. Obviously we've been good at laying down ground rules for times to shht as much as possible, but even things like hushed conversations, brushing our teeth and flicking light switches seem amplified around. We don't want to have to live like nuns, ideally! I've considered:

- moving furniture around so wardrobes sit on the walls of adjoining bedrooms, to muffle noise (just a theory at this point).
- putting (cheap) thick masking tape on insides of door panels.
- hanging thick card posters or fabrics on walls.

Tips or previous experience of this would be much appreciated!

Foxongiraffe Fri 22-May-15 20:33:09

A friend of mine paid for soundproofing as she was sick and tired of the neighbours radio. It was a couple of small ish walls and cost her nearly 1000 pounds. She said it was the best money she spent - it made such a difference.

26milesofcbeebies Fri 22-May-15 20:35:33

Do you own the house and are you moderately handy? If so, you could probably put insulating plaster board up yourself- my dh and I did a wall and ceiling after watching a YouTube video! Plasterboard is cheap, too. Still not got round to getting it skimmed though...

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