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HELP - Plumbing emergency, are you there Piglet John?

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ohmymimi Wed 20-May-15 19:25:04

I heard a bang, followed by sound of rushing water, from my bathroom. I discovered the water was pouring from the bottom of my electric shower, and the shower box itself has been pushed slightly away from the(tiled) wall. I've turned of water at the stopcock. Any ideas what might have caused this? HA will send a plumber, so I'm not worried about the bill, just more the extent of work that might be required. At the time, the washing machine was running in the kitchen, which is the adjoining room (bungalow).

PigletJohn Thu 21-May-15 09:26:28

I will guess that a pipe connection has come apart, probably a push-fit. It might be that there was a pressure pulse when the filling valve in the washer closed. Try to get the plumber to measure your water pressure (this is not the same as flow) in case it is unusually high. A pressure reduce can be fitted if necessary. Turning down the stopcock or any valve has absolutely no effect on pressure so will not help.

It would be very unusual for a manufacturing fault to cause the shower to break.

He may blame the workmanship of the original shower installer.

ohmymimi Thu 21-May-15 12:15:24

Thank you, PJ. Still waiting for the plumber! I'll follow your advice (and hopefully impress plumber with the scope of my plumbing knowledge). Really appreciate the help :-)

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