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Ensuite bathroom

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Crunchie51 Wed 20-May-15 08:36:49

Please help! I have a Saniflo which serves a hand basin, shower and toilet. Does anyone have any experience on converting this to "ordinary, regular" pipes? And if so how easy was it, (wouldn't attempt it myself!) and was it expensive?

RaisingSteam Wed 20-May-15 10:49:12

Definitely need to speak to a plumber. Obviously don't know without looking at your house, but a new 4 inch pipe from the WC needs to go to outside, and be connected either into your existing stack from your main bathroom, or into your drains. The Saniflo will be there because this wasn't straightforward to do. Worth getting someone to look at.

Crunchie51 Wed 20-May-15 11:41:36

Thank you so much. The Saniflo was put in because the builders, when building the loft conversion said it would look odd outside if they used "regular" pipes?! They said there would be pipes all outside the wall of the house. Now I'm a little bit wiser, but not much, I wonder if that was the real reason? I'd like a "normal" ensuite, but have no idea of cost, and don't want to waste a plumbers time, by getting him out if I don't go ahead.

RaisingSteam Wed 20-May-15 13:17:46

You need to ask a plumber/builder to pop round and have a look at the job - that shouldn't cost anything. Not a waste of time - it's all part of running a business looking at jobs that might or might not go ahead. As long as you don't keep him/her there for hours!

Sounds like a day or 2's work if it can connect into the existing stack. If you don't mind having the pipes outside your house - it's hard to see how they could be run inside now building work is finished. You will have a 4 inch pipe going sideways from your ensuite , however far it is to the existing bathroom, plus some smaller waste pipes for sink/shower. It will look untidy but if you prefer that to a Saniflo, that's the choice.

Crunchie51 Wed 20-May-15 14:10:39

Thank you, I really appreciate you answering my query. Have you any idea of how much the "transformation" would cost please? The current ensuite is above the family bathroom. I know it's impossible for you to tell without seeing the property for yourself, but I'd appreciate a ballpark figure.

RaisingSteam Wed 20-May-15 15:02:07

Sorry I'm not really in the trade! you really need a quote. expect maybe 500 to 1500 depending on complexity???

Crunchie51 Wed 20-May-15 15:16:16

It's great that you've answered me though, thank you for that. I've now got some idea of cost which is what I wanted. I appreciate you taking time to read and reply, thanks.

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