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Kitchen fitting cost advice pleaseH

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Equimum Tue 19-May-15 07:38:50

So, after rejecting the idea of an Ikea kitchen, we have now set our hearts on a wooden fronted kitchen which will come 'put together'. We spoke to a fitter at the weekend and he suggested this would be cheaper to have fitted. The fitting includes:-

- approx 14 units being installed
- integrated hob, oven, dishwasher installation, extractor) in same places as existing)
- floor tiling
- fitting wood work surface

The kitchen is about 8ft x 11.5ft

How much would you expect to pay for this? (We are in the SE, but not a premium area).

The current quote is for approx. £3.5k and he said this was a discounted price as he couldn't do the month we ideally wanted.


OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 19-May-15 09:11:54

I think I would ask him how long it will take - what time he will get there each day and what time he will leave - how long his lunch break is - then work out exactly what hourly rate this works out at !! Even at £35 per hour that's 100 hours - I can't see a job that size taking that long !!!

SmellTheGlove Tue 19-May-15 09:37:16

I would get another quote, just to compare. We are paying 1.8k to have a pre assembled kitchen fitted, appliances fitted into existing locations and some wall tiling (not floor though, doing that separately). Kitchen bit smaller than yours, about 10 units I think, and laminate worktop. Our units are coming from DIY kitchen, appliances from John Lewis and Appliances Online. Maybe ask for a breakdown of the quote as it may be the floor fitting that is pushing it up? We are in London suburbs.

Equimum Tue 19-May-15 12:06:40

Thank-you for the feedback ladies.

Smellthe, we had been budgeting for approximately £2-2.5k based on what others had said, so interesting to hear your quote and see that we don't seem too unrealistic. Funnily enough, our units are also coming from DIY kitchens.

I will certainly think about hourly rates etc. he said about 8 days, but what that actually is in hours I'm not sure. Assuming an 8 hour day, that's about £54/ hour!!!! I know there will be two of them for a few hours here and there, but even so.

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