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Sliding wardrobe door kits - advice please

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BlueBee Tue 19-May-15 07:26:38

Has anyone used them? I'm after putting sliding wardrobes right across the bedroom wall and over the chimney breast (too expensive and faffy to remove chimney)

Has anyone done this? Any recommendations?

I've looked at Wicks, B&Q etc. anywhere else maybe?

BlueBee Mon 25-May-15 09:00:56

Hopeful bump, anyone?

BL00CowWonders Mon 25-May-15 19:47:54

I've just had them put in - Howdens so you have to go through Builders Our builders installed them and it took no time at all.
Very plain style with one mirror and 2 wood.

McWeedie Mon 25-May-15 20:46:18

I've just had white shaker sliding doors put in by my carpenter, they came from Howdens with the sliding door kit - I'm so pleased with them, they look great and I'm really impressed with the quality.

BlueBee Mon 25-May-15 21:14:02

I never thought of Howdens! Thanks. May I ask what sort of price are we talking?

McWeedie Mon 25-May-15 21:53:21

We'll my carpenter told me about £100 per door - I'm pretty sure they were less - didn't mind though as he was charging me so little to do the job. I did see similar doors in B&Q and I think they were about £75 each. Howdens had very quick delivery though unlike B&Q who we're going to take 3 weeks to deliver!! If you do the job yourself make sure doors can't fall out - they are so heavy they would do a lot of damage.

McWeedie Mon 25-May-15 22:27:12

Gah, not B&Q it was Magnet Trade

BlueBee Wed 27-May-15 17:49:41

Thanks, I really don't want to do it DIY as such, we'd make a right mess. I was thinking of getting the stuff in and getting a local joiner maybe.

pashmina696 Wed 27-May-15 18:00:34

I ordered from space slide about 5 years ago - i ended up getting some better quality rails than the basic ones supplied but it all still looks perfect 5 years on. they were installed by a builder.

ToBeeOrNot Wed 27-May-15 20:49:57

Installing a cupboard with sliding doors is on my to do list but not got too far yet.

Came across this site in my research

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