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Anyone built their own decking

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mysaladdays Mon 18-May-15 13:31:32

Thinking of taking on the task of building our own decking. All the DIY sites seem to say that it's relatively easy provided it's planned well. We have a patio there already that we'd be building on top of. There is a slight slope away from the house that we'd need to account for, but the patio has been there a good while and was otherwise laid well. The area is quite big, but no complicated shapes- just rectangular. It would be 20-25 cm raised, so under the 30 cm for consulting the planners. We're not DIY experts but do bits and pieces round the house- fixing drawers and runners, blinds, shelves, that kind of thing.

What would you think? Would this be the kind of project that is generally doable as a DIY or best steered clear of? Getting someone to do it is too expensive at the mo, so would be a case of postponing it.

Thanks in advance smile

mysaladdays Mon 18-May-15 19:44:20


Artistic Wed 20-May-15 10:23:59

We are in an identical situation & we've been told that its easy coz there we don't need to make concrete posts to hold the decking. Our patio is concrete tiles already. Depends on what material your patio is?
Waiting on a quote from a handyman whom we've asked to build it for us. Will let you know the labour cost.

CMOTDibbler Wed 20-May-15 10:29:10

We did - it turned into a gigantic deck in the end.

It was a lot of work, and the wood did cost more than we thought it would initally (amazing how much you need!), and we had to buy a good electric mitre saw to cut all the pieces.
If you have friends/family you can call on to help you, thats invaluable as it goes much, much faster with two people attaching bits, and two doing the cutting at a time as you really get into the swing of it.

Fingeronthebutton Wed 20-May-15 19:41:36

We did ours, but then OH is a DIY fanatic. Just take your time, think about it, don't rush, ask advice ( people love to give it) it's not rocket science.

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