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wood floor in bedroom too noisy for sleep?

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Lighthouse6 Sat 16-May-15 17:42:07

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of replacing my old carpet in the bedroom with engineered wood. We have it downstairs and we love it.

The only thing stopping us is the noise factor. i've found lots of information on impact noise - how the noise in the room affects the person below. But have found very little on how noise from below affects the person above. As I live in a detached house with my kids and partner so the impact noise isn't an issue. However my partner Works shifts and I'm worried that the hardwood floors will increase the noise coming from downstairs and prevent him from being able to sleep. At the moment he's fine if we keep the tv low and don't shout.

Has any one else had this dilemma? Would love to hear people's experiences with hardwood in the bedroom. I do love the wood floors but my partner getting his rest is more important so I am beginning to wonder if I should just opt for a new carpet?

NoonarAgain Sun 17-May-15 12:04:50

thinking logically, you'd be bound to have less sound insulation as the carpet would surely absorb more sound than just the ceiling/ wood above. maybe some sort of underlay would help.

Khalinda Sun 17-May-15 14:02:37

It hasn't affected us but we don't wear shoes in the house and we have lots of insulation between floors. I think the insulation thing is really important.

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