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White Gloss Kitchen/Dining table, is it madness?

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Rollergirl1 Fri 15-May-15 14:25:31

With 2 kids (9 and 7)? Really like the look of one in Harveys Furniture and am picturing teaming with some of Ikea's transparent Tobias chairs.

We are having light grey gloss kitchen. Will it be too much "gloss"? And will the table show up every scratch and mark?

vienaa Fri 15-May-15 17:30:51

My brother and wife they have 2 small kids has got a big white gloss kitchen table and gloss kitchen cabinets, and worktops white quartz work tops, its also a family living room, they love it, they don't even use there other living room anymore, they mixed it up with yellow and grey they have a feature wall with wall paper where the dining table is and they have a grey sofa, where the tv is and a massive island it does look stunning and sister in law loves it she says its so easy to keep clean...

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