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oneflewoutofthecrazynest Wed 13-May-15 10:18:55

Morning folks, so we are coming towards the end of our renovation soon, planning to be finished by the end of June and the house is going straight on the market as I have never settled after nearly 6 years. We are in the N E Scotland and have a major property search website for the area which pretty much everyone uses. Someone mentioned to us we should try and advertise for the English market as a lot of people from down south move up to our area (we are rural) for a new lifestyle. We will be selling a small holding and big family home (on 2 acres so nice starter size with chickens included if wanted and fully stocked commercial polytunnel). My question is if you were looking to move to Scotland for this kind of property where you think to start looking? Zoolpa and Right move are not so big up here, our main website for properties as well as the estate agents is the aspc website but people not from the area may not automatically find themselves looking there. Thanks

oneflewoutofthecrazynest Thu 14-May-15 14:19:13

Maybe nobody wants to move to Scotland? grin

Fedupofallthemud Thu 14-May-15 16:38:29

Not sure exactly where you are, we are also in NE Scotland and have been trying to sell our house for 6 months. Market here is very flat, nothing over 300k is selling here. May not be as bad where you are mind you.
We are putting things in place to rent our house instead

From reading threads on here right move seems to be the biggest website for areas other than here!

Good luck!

oneflewoutofthecrazynest Thu 14-May-15 16:57:20

love your name, I to am fed up all the mud grin We are an hour north of Aberdeen and will selling at the top end of the £300,000 maybe even in the £400,000 +. Have done £60K worth of renovation work to make the house top spec which we hope will make it stand out from all the rest (never planned to sell when we started the work). There is nothing on aspc that we can compare to either but i do know the market is slow here at the minute especially with our price sad Everyone that been round to do things at the house has said it would sell very quickly but you never know, a couple of houses have sold pretty quickly here but it was after someone mentioning advertising somewhere for English people as we have a lot of English people have relocated to the area that is why i had a light bulb moment and decided to ask mn.

oneflewoutofthecrazynest Thu 14-May-15 16:58:31

Fed up, meant to ask how much interest have you had? Are you in a city/town/village or rural?

Fedupofallthemud Thu 14-May-15 22:50:14

We are 1 mile out of a town so rural but not too rural iyswim
Our estate agents think that we are doing well in terms of viewings having had 11 different people view, 2 came back for 2nd viewings and 1 note of interest, 1 very cheeky offer 10% under asking
However our neighbours sold in October in 10 days with 18 viewings and countless offers. They got almost 20% over asking. We would have expected similar (maybe not quite as much interest as our house a bit bigger) so it's been dire as far as we are concerned ��

I think our area is particularly bad as its close to aberdeen for commuting and so lots of oil industry jobs here. Maybe you'll get on better than us

pinkje Thu 14-May-15 23:18:34

I think you'll need to go with Savills or Retties or another of the more elite estate agents if you want exposure to that kind of market.

SquinkiesRule Fri 15-May-15 14:19:15

Try rightmove before adding more agents, doesn't the agent you are using use Rightmove at all?

slicedfinger Fri 15-May-15 14:24:39

Savills cost a fortune, but you will get nice pics. I think Retties seem a bit more like it. We sold last year using Blackadders in Aberdeen. That meant we were on ASPC, and TSPC. Obviously that won't specifically get you English buyers, but it did get us a family moving back to the UK from the middle east. We were south of Aberdeen, and a chunk more expensive than you, but similarly did a massive renovation job when we weren't doing it to sell (>£150k). We lost most of that, but did sell the house, which we had to.

mummytime Fri 15-May-15 14:30:15

Country Life?

oneflewoutofthecrazynest Fri 15-May-15 14:41:52

Thanks for the advice, there are a handful of properties within a 20min drive that are with Strutt and Parker, any good? I have seen more and more Blackadders signs popping up are they any good? Yeah south Aberdeen is way more expensive than our area, we could probably add another 100K + to the price if we moved our plot down beside Stonehaven. I know someone who sold a huge old manse with land in our area, sold in just under 2 weeks, they got just over 400K but was told if it was nearer or south it would have been valued a lot more. Location location location. We never moved here to make lots of money though we moved for a change of lifestyle which is having to change again unfortunatly, any profit we make is just a bonus smile

oneflewoutofthecrazynest Fri 15-May-15 14:43:46

We are expecting to break even for selling making a habit of renovating then selling on husband not happy with me

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