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Kitchen door advice urgently needed please!!

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0ldmum Tue 12-May-15 09:52:03

I have put a (large) deposit down with a kitchen company intending to have j handles on the doors, however after researching online realize they may not be the best choice due to difficulty in opening large integrated appliances.
So my choice is inset, like this with the stainless steel trim between doors, my doors will be white high gloss. My problem with this is the handles take away from the streamlined look.
The alternative would be touch doors which open with a push therefore no visible handles, again with the stainless steel trim. This would be the perfect look however the shop is trying to put me off these due to unreliablity issues and what puts me off is the sticky handprint issue, at least with the other handles there would be less dirty marks.
Help opinions welcome, am I overthinking this, if I had my time again I would have gone with a german kitchen however I rushed into this as a friend had her kitchen done by this shop and the fitting was excellent and we are having the same fitter, plus the price was cheaper than two other quotes we had had.

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 17-May-15 20:41:46

Is it within 14 days of them issuing you with your written right to cancel information ? If so you can cancel in writing and ask for your deposit back . If they haven't issued it yet then tell them you wish to cancel as is your right under the 2013 EU directive giving you a 14 day cooling off period . You Have 14 days from when they issue it to you - not from when you place the order .

LucyPie Sun 17-May-15 22:23:22

We were advised against the J handles by a kitchen designer for the exact reason you say. He had it for his kitchen and he says that the dishwasher never gets shut because it is so difficult to open but Mumsnetters with Js may disagree? If you are unsure then do as OnePlan has said and have another think - a lot of money to get it wrong.
We have a handleless kitchen by a Dutch company called Keller but I can't comment on how easy the doors are to open as it is still being fitted but so far looks good. No J handle but has metal strip and flat doors.
Make sure you pay your deposit (or at least £100 of it) on your credit card for extra protection.

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