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Garden renovation - cost vs value

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sophie150 Mon 11-May-15 17:28:33

Hi there. We are looking at getting someone in to overhaul our garden. We live in a 1930s semi with a longish garden.
The garden has 2 long Hedges as borders, 2 long beds either side of the grass, A section with a shed and lots of damaged concrete at the back and a patio by the house which is sinking!
Because of the two long flower beds it's really time consuming to maintain and we just don't have the time.
So we are considering turfing the whole garden, decking over the patio, redoing the path which goes the length of the garden and putting bark over the concrete at the back
Any idea of ballpark cost? I know it's really hard to say just from a description! I have £10k in my head.
Also what sort of value do you think we'd get back on the property from a £10k investment?

prepperpig Mon 11-May-15 17:31:33

When we did our garden in our last house we spent about £10k. Whether it adds value really depends on what you do. We were lucky in that we had lots of established plants that we used since plants can swallow up big chunks of your budget in no time at all. Without meaning to sound mean it sounds a little stark. What are you doing about planting?

sophie150 Mon 11-May-15 17:39:16

We were thinking of having two raised beds in front of the decking which would I hope be easier to maintain. Also perhaps keeping two or three of the nicer flowering shrubs we have and turfing round them.
Can I ask if you did all the work yourself or got people in?

prepperpig Mon 11-May-15 17:56:09

We had people do it for us but this was five years ago now and I suspect labour costs have risen dramatically.

For guidance purposes though we have just had a 6mx4m deck put down and that alone cost a couple of thousand. We've also just had a patio quote which was circa £10k.

I think the added value will very much depend on whether it looks a right state now and will look lovely and polished when done. Its the level of improvement that will add the value iyswim. Could you get someone over the value the house and ask them what difference outside improvements will make?

Then I think you need to get someone to quote. Our patio quotes ranged from £7k to £21k shock depending on the materials used and so that will make all the difference.

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