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Which Little Greene shade for kitchen cabinets?

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yawningbear Fri 08-May-15 16:20:57

Just about the paint the kitchen cupboards. Had been planning to use Farrow and Ball but having done some research it doesn't appear to be very highly rated at all for kitchen cabinets but Mumsnet says yes to Little Greene! But which shade? They need to be white or rather off white. I love some of grey shades but I am stuck with some quite bright light blue tiles.

dontcallmelen Fri 08-May-15 23:05:03

Hi op I used slacked lime on my cupboards when I decorrated a couple of years ago, was a nice colour sort of warm white, but dont want to rain on your parade, I wasnt that impressed with how it wore? It marked & was easily scratched, I have recently re-decorated & used mylands eggshell (fitzrovia a soft mushroom colour) & am really impressed with the finish, its much smoother & so far standing up well so, maybe have a look at there colours etc, online or through brewers/idependent outlets.

Devora Sat 09-May-15 01:26:06

I really like LG Pearl Colour.

yawningbear Sat 09-May-15 09:15:37

Thanks dont, will check out mylands. I don't matter to me what we use, it just needs to be hard wearing obviously. Will check out LG Pearl as well, can't decide if the colour of the tiles mean I have to go with white or just off white or if a pale grey will be OK. I have previous form for buying tons of testers and then going for something entirely different so do not want to do the same again with this!

yawningbear Sat 09-May-15 09:28:20

Pearl looks beautiful Devora, it would be one of my top choices if it weren't for the tiles which we are not getting rid off. They are somewhere between Gentle Sky and Sky Blue. So I think I need white, maybe Loft white or Shirting? Definitely would need to an off white rather than cream. Although I wonder if more of a pale grey could work, Gauze or Echo. Although pale China also looks lovely. Any thoughts? Though LG colours may be irrelevant if it is just going to chip confused

grumbleina Sat 09-May-15 10:15:58

OK, I do know a bit about some of the colours you mentioned. It's hard though, what I think is nice might not be the same as you!

Second vote for slaked lime being nice. It really changes depending on light/what else is around, I have Slaked Lime mid in the living room, and in daytime it looks white or almost slightly grey blue, but is a warm very pale grey/beige in dimmer lighting.

Shirting is my go to white. It's my favourite white in the world. Bright and soft - not too icy. I could rave about it for days.

Gauze is a funny one. It's sort of a traditional grey-blue but I find it a bit oppressive or something. It seems a bit one note. And it looks quite blue, rather than grey, weirdly.

LG have recently released a grey range (fitting in with current trends I suppose!) and some of those are really nice. I like ceviche and fescue - they're greys but slightly warm and would go nicely with blue I think.

Some of my kitchen cupboards are a similar colour to your tiles I think, and I have a shirting wall in there and it looks great. On the other hand I think blue and grey can be really nice, and looks less nursery/marine than blue and white.

About durability - LG intelligent eggshell is great for hard wearing walls ime, but for woodwork I'd probably use oil based. I've found that really good.

yawningbear Sat 09-May-15 11:59:56

Thanks very much Grumbleina, that is all really helpful. I am definitely planning on using the egg shell. I will look at the grey range and also the slaked lime. I think that the safe option would be shirting but the slaked lime sounds lovely too.

RaisingSteam Sat 09-May-15 17:26:50

IME the LG oil eggshell is brilliant for kitchen cupboards. Ours have been in 3 years, no chips, clean with CIF etc etc. it gives a beautiful smooth finish on well prepared surfaces. I don't see the same issues as dontcallmelen - did you use the waterbased finish?

Anyway we used Tracery II which is probably a bit green for you. More khaki than grey. In hindsight I'd maybe have gone with Pearl Colour myself.

Having said that there have been so many changes to formulation of oil based paints recently it could be completely different now.

yawningbear Sun 10-May-15 08:54:40

Thanks Raising that is very encouraging. I had read loads of good things about the eggshell. I think I am going to have to get a couple of the testers.

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