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remove radiators to decorate?

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ExtraBlessings Fri 08-May-15 14:36:22

We are removing wallpaper from our living room walls and there's only so far I can get behind the radiators. If you look down on it from above you can see the raggy remains of the wallpaper and it looks horrible. I'd like to remove the radiators to decorate behind them but a friend reckons that once removed it's v hard to get the back on without leaking. Any thoughts?

PigletJohn Fri 08-May-15 16:12:34

if you are not fond of DIY plumbing, ask a plumber to do it and observe how it is done. No particular reason why they should leak.

If it was me I would give the system a chemical clean before removing the radiators, and hose them through in the garden before painting them (do the back first) with Satinwood

grumbleina Fri 08-May-15 16:24:30

They're definitely removable with pretty minimal fuss - or, so I say having never done it myself, only assisted (ie held the bucket) for DH. We've never had a major incident- the occasional small splash is about it, when my bucket holding has been below par.

If you ask around you might have a friend who can do it or show you how. Or yes hire a guy, if you can afford to.

bilbodog Fri 08-May-15 16:59:49

Google it and there is no doubt somebody out there showing you how to remove radiators. I've not done it myself but DH has.

poocatcherchampion Fri 08-May-15 21:37:47

We've just got manky being the rads. I don't mind it!

Wingedharpy Sat 09-May-15 00:45:50

Radiator shelf??

ExtraBlessings Sat 09-May-15 13:18:05

Thanks everyone. DH is pretty handy so we'll crack on. Thanks for those suggestions Piglet (I've just explained to DH that you are a celebrity in tnese oarts anc what a mumsnet honour it is to have you post on my thread!)

I'd better practice my skills with that bucket!

PigletJohn Sat 09-May-15 13:42:43

A good tip, as soon as you lift a radiator off its brackets, turn it upside down.

The openings are now at the top so it will not dribble black sludge on the carpet.

beardeddragon174 Sat 09-May-15 15:36:57

We removed ours once to decorate with a friend's help and a bucket! V messy but not too difficult. Youtube was very helpful for us.

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