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Renting fully furnished house

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Fedupofallthemud Wed 06-May-15 19:36:49

Has anyone done this? We need to rent for about 6 months till our new house is finished and are considering a fully furnished house. It would mean we only had to pack and unpack our furniture once as it would be in storage while we lived in rental house.

Are there any major drawbacks to this plan that I haven't thought of?
We have little kids including toddlers which is relevant here I suppose.grin

specialsubject Wed 06-May-15 20:58:40

as the tenant there's not too much for you to worry about except ensuring for your own safety that all soft furnishings meet fire regs (they'd have to be very old not to do so). It is illegal for the landlord to rent a place with anything non-compliant in it.

damage would also be a consideration with small kids.

BUT have you priced up storage???

Fedupofallthemud Thu 07-May-15 14:17:19

We have some stuff in storage already with the company who will also be doing our removals. So it would go from our house, to their storage then to our new house in a few months. We are getting a bit of a discount already so would hopefully be able to negotiate the same for the rest of our stuff.
But it sounds like the risk is mostly for the landlord and as long as we were careful in rental house then should be ok.
Not the cheapest option but a lot easier I think

specialsubject Thu 07-May-15 16:20:53

in that case, why not?

you can get accidental damage added on to your tenant's contents insurance which will cover you for damage to the landlord's stuff, and thus avoid deposit deductions. Wear and tear is of course not a deposit deductable.

and don't (as if you would) forget to insure what is in storage too unless it is part of the storage fee. Make sure it is in a climate-controlled warehouse, the container must not be left outside or it will fill with condensation or worse.

remember all the usuals; gas safe cert, deposit protection, test everything, contactable landlord/agent, serviced boiler and so on.

Fedupofallthemud Thu 07-May-15 19:41:47

Thanks special you're a bit of a font of knowledge with all this stuff! smile

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