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From where to get living room furniture: preferably oak+white

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mum2015 Wed 06-May-15 15:43:10

I need to buy a unit to place below TV, dining table+6 chairs, coffee table and L shape sofa. May be a book shelf or chest of drawers as well. Living room isnt very big so I am thinking something in light colour - may be wood + oak kind of combination.

I have been to IKEA and John Lewis and my budget is between low price IKEA to mid-price range of John Lewis. Any suggestions where else to look at? Are Homebase, Debenhams, Argos furniture any good in quality?

Sidge Wed 06-May-15 16:22:26

My friend has her new furniture from Oak Furniture Land. Reasonably priced and oak/cream combo. Looks OK but I'm not sure how durable it is as she's not had it long but it seems quite sturdy.

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