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Swivel basin waste

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Icyblue Wed 06-May-15 14:11:57

My plumber had just fitted a new swivel basin waste but it is not retaining water in the basin. I told my plumber this and also showed him how water from the basin drained through the waste even when it was shut. He said this is normal as the waste is not designed to hold water but to just slow down the water going down the drain. Is this true? I've never heard such a thing before.

issynoho Wed 06-May-15 14:14:21

He's talking rubbish. Less of an issue in a sink as opposed to a bath but ours is brand new and holds water.

Icyblue Wed 06-May-15 14:16:51

I've been using this plumber for years. I thought I trusted him but now I'm having doubts.

Mightbesherlock Wed 06-May-15 15:02:16

Hi Icyblue
Your plumber is correct
The whole 'interference fit' (swivel block) concept relies on the ability for the swivel disc to rotate within the waste.
If it was TOTALLY watertight it would not be able to swivel.
Even so, it depends on the quality of the waste assembly - cheap & leak?
Most upmarket hotels etc use these and they cost around �15 inc vat.
You CAN buy cheap imports for �5.
It may be an idea to ask what make it is and ask for a better quality one.
Good luck

Icyblue Wed 06-May-15 15:10:30

Thanks Mightbesherlock. I'm was feeling slightly upset because the plumber is a nice man and I trust him. It's a relief to hear that the swivel ones are not 100% water tight so that means he did not lie. It costs £11 from a local plumbing shop. I don't actually need it to hold water but just want to know.

issynoho Wed 06-May-15 16:25:04

I suppose it depends on how quickly it's losing water. Ours holds a basin full long enough for a good wash.

Icyblue Wed 06-May-15 16:44:56

Issynoho, yours might be a better quality than mine as mine doesn't hold water long.

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