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Can anyone recommend a really loud door bell

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JugglingChaotically Wed 06-May-15 09:09:23

Our house is tall and thin - DCs can't hear it on the top floor and I can't hear it in the kitchen!
Electrician tells me running wires to all floors would not be easy.

SoupDragon Wed 06-May-15 09:12:59

You can get wireless ones but I've heard mixed reviews about them.

How about putting a baby monitor next to the doorbell and somewhere in the middle of the house? I've done this when I've been in the garden before.

I have one of those old fashioned bells which is an actual bell. It seems fairly loud although people always just knock on the door for some reason.

JugglingChaotically Wed 06-May-15 09:24:47

Tks. Have tried electric ones but need plug ins everywhere!
Baby monitor is a good idea for the garden but hoping for something more permanent for top floor and kitchen.

HetzelNatur Wed 06-May-15 09:27:53

We have a very good wireless one from Siemens. The unit is on the first floor but easily audible on the top floor too.

sianihedgehog Wed 06-May-15 10:18:45

We've got a wireless one which comes with two sounders, one that plugs into the wall and a second battery powered one which I take out into the back garden with me. A wireless one with multiple sounders sounds like it might sort you out!

beansagain Wed 06-May-15 11:12:27

Watching with interest. I spend half my life dealing with missed deliveries when we're actually at home. The postman seems to be the only one with the resourcefulness to hammer on the door. The others just lightly ping the doorbell and then walk away I assume.

JugglingChaotically Wed 06-May-15 16:51:38

Thanks. Will have another look at wireless ones but would need lots of plugs I fear.
Can relate to missed deliveries beans!

WindMeUpAndLetMeGo Wed 06-May-15 16:54:26

Get a dog!!! (Sorry, not helpful, but the best doorbell you can get grin)

snickers251 Wed 06-May-15 16:55:50

We have those wireless ones as we live in a townhouse and couldn't hear on the top floor, can adjust how loud each is so bedroom one is quiet and ground floor is loud loud loud

Haven't missed a delivery since grin

JugglingChaotically Wed 06-May-15 16:59:47

We have a dog!

Snickers - how many do you have? Can you add as many as you like?
Volume control would be good. What type do you have?

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Wed 06-May-15 17:36:01

Like SoupDragon we've previously had the traditional bell type - these worked very well in our reasonably large Victorian house that was spread over several floors and mezzanines and which was also very deep, as well as in our last (tall and thin Georgian) house!

We did find in the last house that - possibly due to its vilłage location where people seemed to be less formal - people tended to knock on the door itself (not even bothering with the original large knocker!) rather than utilise the bell, grrrr!

Since moving here in December we've survived with a wireless one, but do find we need to move it around to different parts of the (three-storey plus cellar) house depending in where we're working/sitting etc. I wasn't aware you could add others - need to look into this.

We also have two bloody noisy dogs though, who usually alert us to anyone outside in the lane before anyone has had the chance to ring the bell....

DrElizabethPlimpton Wed 06-May-15 17:40:13

We have this one
It doesn't need a plug. I carry the speaker around the house with me, but you can set the volume so it can be as loud as you like.

MrsMarigold Wed 06-May-15 17:47:59

Ours is plugged in but a proper bell and is super loud the kind of thing they use i schools but I also have an old church bell to hail the troops for meals.

NotCitrus Wed 06-May-15 17:50:04

Look at Connevans' website - superloud doorbells!

JugglingChaotically Wed 06-May-15 20:15:31

Thanks for those.
What make is yours MrsM?

specialsubject Thu 07-May-15 12:57:14

no need for wires.

MIL has two wireless battery powered sounders, one is near her at all times. They are easy to carry about and even have belt clips. You have just one plug in unit and that transmits to the sounders. You can probably get more than two.

JugglingChaotically Fri 08-May-15 07:12:48

Great idea.Thanks! but too many of us in the house to rely on ones you carry around. DCs would no doubt go out but leave it in the top floor when I was in the kitchen! Or - to be fair - vice versa.
I need a permanent bell to be heard over all floors!

specialsubject Fri 08-May-15 10:11:57

you won't get one. Get a few sounders and keep one yourself. And if your children are old enough to go out alone, they are old enough to deal with simple logistics like bringing back the doorbell.

poocatcherchampion Fri 08-May-15 21:29:20

We used to have a speaker or something from an upstairs bedroom so the phone could ring in to the garden. Something similar must be possible...

JugglingChaotically Sun 10-May-15 22:40:22

Ok. Thanks all
Off to investigate electric bells with lots of plug ins, a carry version that can be taken into the garden and hopefully connecting to standard traditional bell for the front door.

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