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Width of cooker hood

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Fragola76 Wed 06-May-15 07:27:17

Our hob is 70 cm wide and i'm wondering if it means that i need to stick to a 70 cm wide cooker hood? I've seen one i like in 60 cm and one in 90 cm. At a push I can find something i like in 70 cm but was wondering if it was a necessity to stick to the same width as the hood?

Sorry not the most exciting subject but would love to have people's opinions


Gozogozo Wed 06-May-15 08:06:57

Ideally go for the 90cm as you need it wider than the hob to draw all steam etc upwards. Too small & it can't do its job properly.

Mightbesherlock Wed 06-May-15 15:23:01

A 60cm (600mm) is standard and a 90cm is overkill really and no more powerful

Steam rises and will generally be drawn into the updraught that any hood creates so go with a standard 60cm type

At least you wont have to accommodate a larger one into any overhead cupboard space !

Good luck

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