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Pull out larder units - baskets?

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Yayapapaya Mon 04-May-15 03:24:54

Possibly my dullest question ever on MN grin
We are ordering pull out larders for our new kitchen and they come with either regular solid shelves or basket-type metal ones. What is the benefit of having the baskets? Air circulation? Easier to clean? Better to have half and half? I'm imagining if used for things like cereal/flour etc. if it spills it'll be messy and just end up on the floor or maybe that's better than having it spill all over the shelves?
Please enlighten me smile

WasWildatHeart Mon 04-May-15 09:28:29

We have two tall, narrow pull out larder units with wire baskets and they are great. Main benefit of wire over solid for us is that you can see through the high ones where we keep spices. Perhaps go for whichever are lighter as even the narrow ones are very heavy when loaded.

Nydj Mon 04-May-15 09:34:53

Less risk of things falling down if you have the baskets when you pull out the larder?

Follyfoot Mon 04-May-15 09:40:41

I think it depends what you want to put in them. We've got solid shelves; bottles and jars go in there (vinegars, oils, soy sauce etc) and cereals so wire baskets wouldnt suit us. There'd be porridge oats and drips of oil everywhere smile

Yayapapaya Mon 04-May-15 10:17:07

Ok based on that then I'm going to see if it's possible to have mesh at the top and solid at the bottom - not sure if you can but worth asking as I'm not sure yet how I will use them. Thanks smile

Follyfoot Mon 04-May-15 10:40:23

Dont see why not - our solid shelves can be moved up or down as they fit onto hooks so maybe baskets are the same? The shelves have a couple of rails around them so things dont tend to fall.

PigletJohn Mon 04-May-15 10:48:22

the baskets are good for vegetables, but you will find leaves and mud fall off them, so you will probably end up lining them with newspaper.

CaurnieBred Mon 04-May-15 16:58:58

I have lined our baskets with a clear plastic vinyl that you buy in rolls from the kitchen dept of Ikea - think it is for lining drawers or shelves

Marmitelover55 Mon 04-May-15 20:00:08

We have solid bottoms and metal/wire bits to hold everything in per photo. Works v well smile

Millymollymama Tue 05-May-15 11:17:09

If you have baskets (wire) underneath, any spills go all the way through to the next shelf (and beyond). Solid bases with wire sides works best I think.

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