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Easiest way to put a playhouse on uneven ground?

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msreddotty Sun 03-May-15 08:36:14

I want to get my dd a playhouse. Only place to put it is on the lawn, but it's sloped/uneven at the top. I'm a single parent so no one really to help me, so looking for the easiest option on how to get ground flat that I can prep myself....

Procrastinatingpeacock Sun 03-May-15 21:38:14

This might be a stupid idea, but could you get one that's on stilts and then just adjust the height of each stilt to make the playhouse flat?

poocatcherchampion Mon 04-May-15 17:11:40

We've got one of those plastic ones and we just move it around our very lumpy lawn..

Mightbesherlock Wed 06-May-15 15:51:16

I presume it's not very big, maybe 6x6 feet
What you could do is make a small deck
Use post spikes
Pop in 4 wooden posts and make a frame around them with the same post widths using a spirit level to make sure the frame is level above the ground

Then cut off the excess upright post lengths and board over the frame with wooden slats.

Good luck

msreddotty Fri 08-May-15 07:16:06

Thank you so much for your suggestions smile

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