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Tips on painting a metal bed

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Devora Sat 02-May-15 22:34:45

dd2 has a rather nasty cheap pink metal bed (a tenner off ebay). I'd like to paint it yellow. I'd like to avoid dismanting it and lugging it down two flights of steep narrow stairs to the garden (I have a bad back) so I think spray-painting is out. Any tips on which paints/primers to use? Anyone seen a lovely yellow lately? - I'm thinking a kind of vintage buttercup shade rather than anything too zingy.

grumbleina Sat 02-May-15 23:11:49

Anything oilbased should work fine I think, in the level of shine of your choice. Maybe undercoat with a white, suitable for metals primer (so, oilbased) if you're aiming to go pale and it's a bright pink, but tbh I probably wouldn't bother. I'd give it a jolly good scrub and maybe a very light sand with some fine (180 or 240 grit) sandpaper though. Things like beds tend to have a surprising amount of human grease on them, which is no friend to paint.

Do not use Hammerite anti-rust metal primer. You think it's going to be a good idea, right up until you start painting with it.

Don't forget that a lot of oilbased paints seem to become a bit runnier shortly after application and tend to form drips where no drips were before - thin even coats are the way to go, even if you need to do an extra one.

That's what I'd do, anyway!

Devora Sat 02-May-15 23:29:06

Thank you grumbleina, great advice smile. Love how specific you've been, even to the type of sandpaper... hugely appreciated.

But I do have to ask you: WHAT happens when you use Hammerite anti-rust metal primer?!

grumbleina Sat 02-May-15 23:40:34

oh it's just awful stuff. Like painting with PVA glue, but worse. And piglet John says it doesn't work!

Ha about specifics! I'm very casual about painting really, but my dad was a furniture restorer / posh decorator and maybe more has rubbed off than I realise...

Devora Sat 02-May-15 23:46:37

What a useful dad, I'm jealous! (Owner of the world's most useless dad here.)

Anyway, I will give the Hammerite a wide berth. IME paint sticks to most things if you just keep adding enough thin coats, so I'll take that tack.

Thanks again!

grumbleina Sat 02-May-15 23:49:43

Don't be jealous - we're not in touch and he's awful, but I suppose if I got some education in paint from him it's something!

Devora Sun 03-May-15 00:01:58

Small mercies smile

PigletJohn Sun 03-May-15 11:39:14

when painting metal, you can use wet-and-dry paper (which is black) used wet. You keep dipping it in water to wash off the slurry of paint and water. That way it makes no dust. You will find it in places that sell car stuff. You only use a very fine paper, usually 600 grade, all you need to do is take the shine off, not cut through the paint. Fold and tear it into small pieces that fit in your fingers. Keep using the same piece until the black wears away. When finish, wipe off all dust with a damp cloth or sponge and let the water dry away completely before trying to paint.

There will be how-do-do-it videos on Utube or Videojug.

shirleybasseyslovechild Sun 03-May-15 11:46:57

Annie Sloan paint. amazing stuff.
sticks to anything , little or no prep required.
google it

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