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moving close to due date/with newborn tips needed.

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ElleyBear13 Wed 29-Apr-15 21:58:49

Hello mnetters,

Need your help again....abit of a long story but will shorten it for you.

Currently 24weeks pregnant, living with in-laws, husband started a new job in January...we spoke to our bank in January who gave us a mortgage in principle as long as we provided a copy of his contract and a letter from his boss (small company) saying they will be keeping him on indefinitely alongside three months payslips they would provide us with a mortgage (bank manager agreed they would offer us the mortgage under a exempt case).

So...we found a house, offer accepted under the asking price and below the maximum amount the bank was willing to offer us. We got a date booked in to start the process (21st march) and went ahead, credit check was fine, salaries fine etc. Then this tuesday we got a call to say the mortgage had been rejected as the manager has now decided he wants six months payslips, and has moved our date for mortgage agreement to June 19th.

Which means we'll be moving in (if things move swiftly and goes well without hiccups) a week before my due date on August 23rd, or with hiccups a couple of weeks after our little boys born.

Does anyone have any tips of preparing for baby whilst living with the inlaws? We're currently 'renting' two bedrooms from them (one used as storage) and the other as our bedroom, and the dining room as our own living room. In-laws don't mind us staying until after the baby is born as FIL works away and MIL likes to fuss over us and future first grandbaby. smile Currently considering moving our storage stuff into a rented self storage container to free up a room as things are pretty tight for space. But unsure what i should be doing, and how to squish the nesting instincts!

Any advice??
Many thanks

BreeVDKamp Fri 01-May-15 13:01:13

Bumping. We're currently selling and buying. Baby due in 2 weeks, we marketed our flat to try and time it so we would move after the baby is born, hopefully in June. Baby could be 1 week old depending on when we complete.

Anyway, yes, we are renting a storage unit, mainly to declutter our flat for when we had viewings, which I know isn't relevant to you, but it does mean half our stuff is already packed and can just be picked up from the unit and taken to new house on moving day.

The house we are moving to has no white goods, so need to pick out fridge freezer and washing machine as a priority, for delivery and installation when we move in! Will need a washing machine with a newborn, ha! smile

You have a long time to work through the conveyancing stuff before the baby comes so should be OK smile When the time comes to move, we are just going to pay the moving company to pack as well, and pay someone to do a deep clean. I'm not doing that myself!!

Hobbes8 Fri 01-May-15 21:35:13

I moved at 39+1. I'd recommend getting your removals people to pack as well - it might cost a few hundred but it saves so much stress. Keep your hospital bag packed and in the car, so it's separate from all the chaos. Think about what you might need for the hospital. I ended up wearing DM boots in labour because I didn't know where my trainers were!

Most baby shopping can wait until after it's born - just buy the basics for the first few weeks.

Most importantly, don't worry about it. The move will happen one way or the other, and if you don't get the chance to do all the decluttering you want or the deep cleaning, then it's not the end of the world. And accept all help offered! I had my in laws steam mopping the new house whilst I went to the supermarket.

Good luck with it all.

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