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Teddington/Surbiton or Walton/Weybridge

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soozm73 Wed 29-Apr-15 16:15:15

We are moving closer to DH's work in Feltham and were looking in Teddington/Hampton/Surbiton but now I'm wondering whether it makes more sense to get more house for our money in Walton/weybridge/chertsey/Shepperton? Any locals with any thoughts on this? Our budget is max 1.3, Dd in yr 2, DS in reception. Looking for good state schools.


Blondie1984 Wed 29-Apr-15 22:43:19

Have you considered Staines?

slicedfinger Wed 29-Apr-15 22:49:30

I'd concentrate on avoiding a commute that has to cross the river. You do get a lot more house for your money in those areas, but getting to Feltham would be a nightmare.

Briony32 Thu 30-Apr-15 14:37:28

I like Walton. But you will need to sit and wait in traffic for 15 mins or so to cross the bridge at Walton to get to Feltham. I don't find it too bad. There are other towns with similar congestion problems, like Weybridge. You could explore different routes to Feltham by car. You don't have to take the Staines by pass. I used to drive from Molesey (just before Walton) to Uxbridge every day and it would take me 25 to 30 mins. The new Walton bridge has improved the flow of traffic.

I think your biggest problem will be getting your two into state schools. If they are popular schools, you will have to get on the waiting list and wait for someone to leave. You will have to see where you are on the list of criteria for the waiting list, ie: special needs, distance to school etc. There is a huge fight for places at the church school (very middle class crowd) but there are other good schools in Walton that are easier to get into, perhaps because they had a bad reputation in the past or because they have a more mixed intake. I guess it depends on your point of view. Are you Catholic/ C of E? It might help!

Shepperton is on the right side of the river for you and has good schools.

RandomMess Thu 30-Apr-15 14:43:08

Big shortage of school places - would you carry on commuting back in the short term?

I would also be looking at secondary school place likelihood as they will be part of the cohort where places are even scarcer than they are now!!!

I too would invest in working out what commute times would be like for work.

soozm73 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:48:57

Thanks everyone! School places are really scaring me. How far away could we be sent? They have to find you a place don't they? I'm sorry if this sounds naive, we moved to our village (from overseas) when Dd was in reception and they had space in the only primary school, DS had no problem getting in as we live close to the school and they have funding to take all in the area. We couldn't commute back - it's too far. I am catholic by birth but not practising.

DH goes to work very early. Anything up to half an hour would be acceptable for him.

I keep comparing what we would get for the money - big house, very decent garden in Walton, beautiful terrace semi (prefer period properties) in surbiton, ok house in Teddington. I feel like such a ditherer that I can't get my priorities straight!

Boysclothes Thu 30-Apr-15 21:06:08

Surbiton to Feltham would be life ruining! Don't do it. Hampton and Egham are ok for schools and nice towns.

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