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Does anyone have any experience of Fairlight, Hastings?

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SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 08:45:17

Hello everyone! it's another of my house search threads! I am still trying to work out an escape plan from SE4 and have happened across a nice place in Hastings called Fairlight. Before we schlep all the way down there on the train and bus, I wondered if any of you know anything about it? Is it a nice down to earth functioning village (does it have its own pub and shop) or is it a second home village, or is it mostly populated by the retired? Also it seems to me, that you can access some nice countryside and beaches from there too, is that right?
The nearest school seems to be Guestling Bramble, but Icklesham seems close too - our DD is 7 - are they friendly schools.
I am already picturing us strolling across the cliff tops with a brace of handsome hounds, and swinging past the shop to stock up on local produce on the way home, so please feel free to bring me back down to earth!
Thank you all.

Marmitelover55 Tue 28-Apr-15 12:19:54

I haven't been to Fairlight for about 40 years but it was lovely back then. My BFF lived there but I was only 8 so can't help I'm afraid.

AngelsWithSilverWings Tue 28-Apr-15 12:28:41

I have memories of Fairlight from childhood camping holidays.

The main memory I have is of long scenic hikes through woodland and across Clifftops to get to a lovely cove which also happened to be a nudist beach!

Sorry that's not much help but your post brought back some funny memories!

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 12:44:37

I think it's still a naturist beach Angels - that will make life interesting!
marmite thanks for that - sounds lovely smile

magimedi Tue 28-Apr-15 12:59:10

I live about 20/25 miles from Fairlight & often go there to walk. I have heard that the population is quite weighed towards retired people. You will need your car - public transport not good. And your nearest place for anything over a village shop (& I am not sure there is one) is Ore. Ore is fairly depressed, frankly. Personally, I'd rather live in Hastings, with Fairlight close at hand for walks etc.

Applesauce29 Tue 28-Apr-15 13:10:11

My mother lives near there in a village called Pett, five mins walk from the beach (pebbles but never crowded). Two pubs in village and lots on in town hall. Rye is a short drive away, which is a lovely town. Hastings is busier and not so nice imo. Camber sands beach lovely but v.crowded in summer. Not sure about the schools.

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 13:18:56

Ah yes Apple we have friends that live in Pett, it's a very nice place. I've just seen a place I like in Fairlight so wondered if it was a similar kind of village.

Cecyhall Tue 28-Apr-15 13:33:20

Fairlight is lovely and I'd move there tomorrow.

It does have a pub, it has a shop/post office but it was up for sale so not sure what's happening there.

Bus transport is ok but not great.

There is a nice rec ground with a playground that hosts village events.

Lots of bungalows so if you are looking for a proper house there are fewer of them that come up for sale but there are some.

I like it there but being a village it has the bad points and good points too.

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 13:42:29

That's the answer I wanted cecy do you know anything about the schools the local children go to?

Cecyhall Tue 28-Apr-15 14:23:26

I don't I'm afraid, other than it will be quite a journey to school which ever way- either back into Hastings for the Ore ones or towards Guestling and Icklesham.

All the secondary schools are academy's now in both Hastings and Rye if that's something that bothers you.

Cecyhall Tue 28-Apr-15 14:23:58

Sorry about that awful punctuation there

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 14:57:22

Thanks Cecy. Don't worry about punctuation I left a full stop out of my message to you

SarfEasticatedMumma Tue 28-Apr-15 18:10:47

both times!

SarfEasticatedMumma Thu 30-Apr-15 19:19:01

I have a yearning for a bungalow - is that because I'm over 45? They seem to have lovely big wide gardens...

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