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Someone please tell me where to move to (S/SW London)

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CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 21:15:42

We need to move. We live in a tiny flat in central London with DC1 and DC2 on the way. We love our flat and our area, but are bursting at the seams already.I'm struggling for inspiration on where to look - many hours trawling Zoopla to no avail. I need to narrow the search area as right now I'm looking at everywhere between Bloomsbury and Weybridge...

Requirements are:
- I work in Guildford, so accessible there via public transport (trains go from Waterloo or Clapham Junction). 1hr20mins door-to-desk is fine as I work from home about 40% of the time.
- DH works by Tottenham Ct Rd (but less of an issue as will either give up work or go v. part-time when I go back to work after DC2)
- We don't want to go too far out into the suburbs.
- Good state schools are a must, at least at primary level. Doesn't have to be ofsted outstanding, but a good community school. We prioritise happy, nurtured kids over SATS and Ofsted.
- Not too yummy mummy or posh, yet not too edgy/ grey/ grim.
- Green spaces
- Good amenities and stuff going on (stuff to do with kids, places to go out on the odd occasion we get a babysitter, etc).
- DH would like a decent-ish garden as he has Alan Titchmarsh aspirations

At least 3-beds, 4 beds would be better. Open to all styles of architecture. We can scrape together £1.2m, but would prefer to spend a lot less, of course...

Obvious places are Surbiton (doesn't inspire us, but I've never actually been!) and Wimbledon (a no, for various reasons). And both feel quite 'far away' and very suburban to us. Anything closer in that fits the requirements above?

Mintyy Sun 26-Apr-15 21:21:03



How long is the commute from Clapham Junction to Guildford? You need to be looking at places that are very quickly and easily accessible to CJ surely?

Streatham (cheap compared to Wandsworth). I love the area around Sunnyhill Road in Streatham.


CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 21:25:05

CJ to Guildford is about 25 mins. 35 from Waterloo. So, anywhere within about 30 mins (walking, cycling, bus, train, tube, whatever) to either stations is fine. I have a 15 min walk from Guildford station to work.

Thanks for suggestions... will investigate further.

Wobblypig Sun 26-Apr-15 21:26:16

Wimbledon. Northern line to Tottenham Court Road. You would get 4-5 bed terrace or semi in/ around South Park gardens for to Holy Trinity school. Easy walk to shops, tube, mainline, trams.

CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 21:33:13

Wobbly Wimbledon isn't an area we'll consider, for various reasons. And anyway, we're atheists so schools that prioritise church goers aren't an option for us...

Wobblypig Sun 26-Apr-15 21:34:37

Oh dear what's wrong with Wimbledon?

CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 21:36:19

Nothing's wrong with it. I just don't want to live there for completely benign reasons (that would out me if I go into).

Wobblypig Sun 26-Apr-15 21:41:30

Then Clapham or Balham may be ok as along Northern Line, less for your money though. Personally would take northern line over district line for getting into central London.
Anywhere else south west would be as suburban as sw19. I think you would find kingston, Norbiton and Surbiton too far out .

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 21:43:38

This sounds like it could suit:

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 21:45:09

District line direct to embankment, walk up Charing Cross road.

Train from Putney to Guildford, afaik...not so sure about that one!

Wobblypig Sun 26-Apr-15 21:51:10

It is the garden that you may need to compromise on , as that property demonstates.

CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 21:51:30

No direct train from Putney to Guildford. Would have to go up to CJ and back out (not in itself a problem as it's quick from Putney to CJ). But we'd have no money left over to do the work required on that house as £1.2m is the absolute top of our budget... And the garden would make DH cry (in a bad way).

God, I sound picky, don't I? I'm not trying to be.

StickledPink Sun 26-Apr-15 21:54:10

I was born and bred in Wimbledon!

Moved away now though as it's changed beyond recognition. We are near to Guildford now and love it smile

Thames Ditton is nice... But perhaps a bit further out than what you are looking for.

Good luck OP smile

SweetAndFullOfGrace Sun 26-Apr-15 21:58:34

What about Worplesdon? Amazing schools in Guildford, loads of green spaces and the commute into London is really easy. I know it's not London, but is that a deal breaker? It's commuter belt, it's not rural.

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 22:00:40

Ah no you don't sound picky. Just specific.

Brandlehow is apparently a v.good primary. There' are buses go to CJ station from upper Richmond road, very frequent, and a quick journey. you could also cycle down to CJ easily if that were your thing.

Have a look on the map at how close that house is to Wandsworth park...might make you rethink the garden issue, idk.

Not trying to persuade you, just filling in some details!

If that house itself is no good..maybe the actual area will yield a result for you, if you like the look of it.

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 22:05:32

Gosh, you really would get more for your money in Worplesdon!

CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 22:07:20

Hmm Sweet. We're actually not against rural in principle. There's one logic that if we have to leave central London we may as well make up for what we lose in location by gaining space. However, our budget would be a lot lower (around £700k) as we'd want to keep hold of our flat to rent out as we're nervous about losing a foothold in London.

I always think how nice Worplesdon looks when my train trundles through. Do you know it? What's it like?

CityDweller Sun 26-Apr-15 22:11:09

That house is insane Zinxie! All those beams... I bet it's haunted.

SweetAndFullOfGrace Sun 26-Apr-15 22:30:24

Worplesdon is commuter belt. Golf courses and people who commute into London. It's very pretty though. I'd live there if I could afford it smile

When we moved out we went a bit further because you get a bit more community (and cheaper prices) and we were looking for more semi-rural. The villages south of Guildford are lovely, eg Bramley, Shalford etc. but the commute is less straightforward.

JassyRadlett Sun 26-Apr-15 23:39:14

Surbiton didn't inapire me until I came and had a look!

It's changed quite a bit in the 7 years I've been here - more restaurants and indie cafes, a farmers market and a food festival, etc. Lovely indie bookshop, good community, amazing transport links. And you'd get bags for your money - more like 5 beds plus a garden.

We moved here from Clapham - couldn't see myself doing the suburban thing but the fast train makes a huge difference to how 'far' it feels - 16 minutes to Waterloo.

TragicallyUnbeyachted Mon 27-Apr-15 00:24:18

Sheen. More-or-less the same journey as Putney (into CJ and out to Guildford) but all the state primary schools are good (it's patchier at secondary but you've got time to worry about that later) and there are three- and four-bedroom properties available within your budget (although you probably won't get a big garden).

SaBearOz Mon 27-Apr-15 05:11:11

Streatham- you would get a lovely house from about £550k upwards with a decent garden. Very family friendly with good/outstanding schools primary wise. Not so far out that it feels suburban and still has a bit of life to it with great cafés/ pubs. Streatham hill in particular is more 'trendy' but I used to live in Streatham common until we moved to Oz a few months ago and loved it. Not too yummy mummyville either. Very quick to CJ but also with the choice of three stations you can get anywhere quickly- I was at first worried about moving away from the tube but actually found transport better here than Clapham common or tooting where I lived before.

rootypig Mon 27-Apr-15 05:48:06

Brixton, in the Sudbourne catchment, though you'll pay a premium that might make prep school look reasonable hmm.

rootypig Mon 27-Apr-15 05:52:53

Or on the other side of the A23, St Judes is outstanding and though C of E, has places for proximity. Your money will go much further e.g. 3 bed terrace fixer upper for £750k

cunningplan101 Mon 27-Apr-15 10:25:53

This one is Camberwell and is SUCH a pretty house:

Overground from Peckham Rye or Denmark Hill will take you to Clapham Junction in a few stops. It's still Zone 2 so easy 30 min buses into the centre or 10 mins on bus to Oval or E&C tubes. Also close to East Dulwich.

Camberwell has green spaces and isn't too suburban or yummy mummy. Some might find it a bit too edgy, but it's not grey, esp the streets around the house I've linked to above which are really lovely (e.g. do a google image search of Camberwell Grove)

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