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How would you improve the kerb appeal?

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littlem133 Sat 25-Apr-15 23:21:16

I'm on a budget. Don't want to render over the brick. What colour shall we replace the red with on the guttering and gates etc? I like grey windows but they don't seem to go with brick houses so I think we'll stick with white upvc. Hopefully I can upload a picture now!!!

littlem133 Sat 25-Apr-15 23:25:17

Here we go:

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 25-Apr-15 23:30:21

Remove the enormous pampas grass?

Also, front door looks a little odd - but it is difficult to see. Is it wooden?

Bunbaker Sat 25-Apr-15 23:34:56

What's wrong with pampas grass? It reminds me of the seaside.

The front door looks like it has been boarded over, but other than that I would look at the house. Can you put some pots of pansies or something colourful by the front door.

The back garden looks vast, but boring. It wouldn't put me off though.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 25-Apr-15 23:43:13

It reminds everyone else of swingers, Bun.

Bunbaker Sat 25-Apr-15 23:54:45

I must have had a sheltered life grin

I didn't know pampas grass meant that.

Higheredserf Sun 26-Apr-15 00:09:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlem133 Sun 26-Apr-15 03:44:51

It's interesting you all have the same opinion about the front door. They're glass panelled doors with wooden slatted blinds in between the glass!
Do you reckon paint the red bits white, not grey or black or even cottagey green?

QOD Sun 26-Apr-15 03:57:05

The red somehow dates it? Looks old fashioned
Door is hideous, sorry. But yeah looks bland and kind of blah.
Hanging baskets, pots and white bits
You selling or just bought?

rootypig Sun 26-Apr-15 03:59:35

Get rid of the pampas grass, get a new front door in a delightful colour and put bright pots full of flowers either side, open your blinds or curtains, have the brick columns by the gate cleaned up, and paint your gates. I like a nice shiny black for twiddly metal but I know it can look a bit Hyacinth Bucket grin. If you did that you could go black for your pipes and whatnot.

The trees being in leaf will soften it all hugely.

At the back - bedding, plants, trees! oof I'd love to fill that lovely big space up with texture.

wowfudge Sun 26-Apr-15 06:11:26

I would paint the guttering, etc black. If you paint it white it will be more noticeable as white draws the eye. If you choose grey it tends to look like the undercoat and you haven't finished the job. It's not a cottagey house so I wouldn't go for that style.

I thought the front door was boarded up and you were asking how to improve the kerb appeal on a place you were buying!

The trees to the left of the drive - could they be neatened up as a hedge? Looks as though they might be an overgrown hedge actually.

ExitStageLeft Sun 26-Apr-15 06:25:17


ExitStageLeft Sun 26-Apr-15 06:27:40

Whoops, posted too soon! I would replace the gate, get rid of the trees and pampas grass. Get some hanging baskets and pots and yes, I'm afraid, replace your front door. Not cheap though.

Highabove Sun 26-Apr-15 06:34:48

I also agree, black gutters, downpipes and gate. New low maintenance/secure/draft free front door. Tidy the shrubs.

headlesslambrini Sun 26-Apr-15 06:36:21

tidy up the front garden - cut the edges etc and get rid of the pampas grass, paint guttering, gates, facia's etc - I would go for black as well. I agree with other regarding the front door. pressure wash the brick pillars, get rid of the ivy? growng over it, pressurewash the drive as well - will get rid of any weeds. Pots around the front door.

I keep the back garden as it is for an easy life but put some pots etc around, as least then you can take them with you when you move so you wont lose out on money. If you want to break it up then how about some like a bird table / bath / sun dial?

daisydotandgertie Sun 26-Apr-15 06:39:40

I'd replace the windows - they're making the house look really ugly.

It looks like a 30s/40s/50s house which wouldn't have had those big plain slabs of glass, many of them have Crittal windows - or at least windows with glazing bars in them which changes the look completely. Windows are the eyes of the house, they say.

I'd also replace the fussy RH gate, and change the red for black or white/cream, then get some planting in to soften the hard lines.

daisydotandgertie Sun 26-Apr-15 06:40:48

And if money were no object, I'd replace the porch too.

zen1 Sun 26-Apr-15 07:00:34

If the trees at the front are now blossoming, that will already improve things imo. However, definitely agree about the front door. A reclaimed 30s / 40s one may look nice. Also, yes, get rid of the pampas and put some pots around the door with flowers.

zen1 Sun 26-Apr-15 07:02:20

Nice size house and garden btw smile

Lucy61 Sun 26-Apr-15 07:04:29

Pampas grass = comes and swing with us! confused

OwlBeeBack Sun 26-Apr-15 07:05:11

Front door looks boarded up?

BasinHaircut Sun 26-Apr-15 07:20:01

Get rid of all red and pampas grass. Pressure wash brick gate columns.

Depending on where house is, how much trouble you are having selling it, and value, replace front doors. Although that would be a last resort for me.

Although I think one of he issues with the door for me is that white upbc windows with a wooden door looks wrong. Could you paint the door White to match the windows?

BasinHaircut Sun 26-Apr-15 07:20:21


Unescorted Sun 26-Apr-15 07:36:02

Sweep the drive & repaint the gate.
Remove the efflorescence on the gate posts how to guide here
Change the blinds or make sure they are pulled up - I thought it was borded up as well.
If they are your EA pictures, get them to change them now the blossom is out on the trees.

babsmam Sun 26-Apr-15 07:57:25

Paint the guttering black, maby repainted the windows.
Weed the back patio near the house through the rest of the back garden wouldn't bother me.
Get rid of the pampas grass and tidy win the straggly trees.

Do you need to get a new door. If they are blinds can you not just clean and pain the door and get new blinds or curtains behind it that are not wooden?

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