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Gloss or Matt? Shaker or smooth?

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Ginmakesmecry Fri 24-Apr-15 21:15:14

I just don't have a clue. The kitchen is North facing so all I know is I want a light colour.

Millymollymama Fri 24-Apr-15 21:41:17

Mine faces North and East. I have a warm white painted Island and the rest of the kitchen in lamp room grey, F and B. I have a grey flecked granite for the work surface. The work surface and white do make the kitchen light and I have a tiled floor which looks like limestone. It is easier to look after than the real thing. The paint is flat Matt but very, very durable.

Kieron79 Sat 25-Apr-15 07:20:53

Our kitchen us north facing and we have gone for light Matt grey shaker, it's not fully complete but pic attached shows style

atonofwashing Sat 25-Apr-15 07:40:41

I have just chosen a cream gloss shaker style door. Currently have a Matt shaker style. It's worked well, and I've loved it. But SIL has cream gloss doors says they are much easier to clean. And nice and shiny, which always helps. grin

We are south facing with big windows, and the cream has yellowed a tiny bit, but only if you really look hard. North facing kitchens might be a bit more forgiving. Personally with North facing I'd go for a warm colour, but that's me. Everyone is different.

Kieron - that will be a lovely kitchen when finished. Enjoy.


Kieron79 Sat 25-Apr-15 08:14:36

Thanks atonofwashing we are now awaiting our white quartz worktop, handles now fitted, really pleased with how it's turned out, only about 1 million other things to do before our extension/renovation is complete :-)

Marmitelover55 Sat 25-Apr-15 10:21:51

Your kitchen is looking really lovely!

We went for vanilla painted matt shaker style in our north east facing kitchen, with ivory fantasy granite and engineered oak flooring throughout kitchen/diner/study/snug. Looks very light and bright.

Zinxie Sat 25-Apr-15 10:35:47

Matt, shaker. Definitely! The shiny ones will date very fast.

RoganJosh Sat 25-Apr-15 10:41:30

Is your general style more country cottage and homely or modern and minimalist?

Beckyt80 Sat 25-Apr-15 11:45:58

We went for matt shaker too. Painted f&b light blue. Our kitchen is NE facing and is bright enough. I think a white worktop helps.

Kieron79 Sat 25-Apr-15 11:54:55

Just to add, our kitchen was available in gloss and I thought it made it look a little cheap. We used to have plain white high gloss cupboards as soon as there is any detail on gloss cupboards IMO it just looks wrong

Zinxie Sat 25-Apr-15 12:24:22

becky where did you get your kitchen from? It looks lovely.

Beckyt80 Sat 25-Apr-15 22:39:54

I got it from diy kitchens (online company) based near leeds. I thoroughly recommend them. Fantastic value and superior quality. They have a big online presence if you google them on forums. I did so much research on kitchens and the number of positive reviews they have drew me to look at them. The fact you can get their doors (own brand or second nature) painted in any f&b colour was a real plus. It's a bit daunting ordering it all yourself but when you do enough research and get enough quotes from companies you get an understanding of what you need. I loved the transparency of ordering yourself as you could make function v style v price choice with every element of the design.

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 11:36:08

Thanks so much for responding becky. I'm looking at their website now, very good.

Excited and daunting, this kitchen lark!

Ginmakesmecry Sun 26-Apr-15 20:27:58

Thanks for all your replies, Kerion and Becky your kitchens are gorgeous. Rogan my style is generally quite modern but as I am categorically never ever repeating this experience (a renovation) ever again I feel like I should choose a classic style.

Zinxie Sun 26-Apr-15 22:09:12

I'm going to have to book a day trip to Leeds to see their showroom, becky, thanks again.

kipsonline Thu 07-May-15 15:20:47

Becky can I ask where you got your lovely worktops from tool pls? And what type they are? Thank you

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