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Mocker Sat 11-Apr-15 11:43:03

We need to replace all of the fence panels in our garden (all falling down, neighbours don't want to pay but happy for us to...). We have renovated the house and now it is the garden's turn, so have a chance to make it exactly how we want it.

I really like this style. I prefer it to the standard boards but we don't have a huge budget.

Has anyone seen these anywhere? Are there any particularly good fencing sites I can look at online (before resigning myself to the standard board type)?

Any advice gratefully received.

waddleandtoddle Sat 11-Apr-15 11:48:32

OOoh, I'm in the same position too! Would love fences like this so watching with interest!
Funny - my neighbours are the same!

Mocker Sat 11-Apr-15 11:54:04

Glad I am not alone. My DH is happy with ordinary fences but I want to seize the opportunity to have a nice garden!

I am hoping it's not completely out of our price range.

Pipbin Sat 11-Apr-15 22:54:38

ooooh look at these:

Must be expensive as I can't see a price.

Pipbin Sat 11-Apr-15 22:58:36

These have prices.
Not actually that much more than a regular fence panel.

PigletJohn Sat 11-Apr-15 23:24:22

the first prices that come up on that website are 60cm high (two feet) ay £85 ex VAT each

The six-foot high panels (1800mm) are £168 ex VAT each

RunsWithScissors Sun 12-Apr-15 07:53:52

I was about to say the same as PigletJohn. Seems reasonable, until you look at the measurements.

I've listed after a similar style, so am constructing our fence myself (instead of using premade panels).

Wish me luck with that one, yes I am mad grin

Mocker Sun 12-Apr-15 08:07:51

Thanks for your help. They are lovely! Looking at it though, the slats are too far apart. We need closed board (?) so no gaps. Any ideas where to look for those?

Run - were are you getting your boards from? What type of wood? Fancy coming and doing mine when you have done yours grin?

nightvision Sun 12-Apr-15 11:36:51

Just wondering, OP and waddle, so are you guys going ahead with the replacement without the neighbours contributing? I am also thinking of completely replacing my fence due to storm damage but mine is an end-of-terrace house, so only one neighbour on one side, the rest is all mine.

PigletJohn Sun 12-Apr-15 12:10:16

if you are spending money on the fence, I would advise concrete posts, or at the least concrete spurs with wooden posts bolted to them.

Wooden posts in the ground rot and snap, and it is very hard work trying to dig out the stump when it is buried in a great lump of concrete.

You can if you like use masonry paint on concrete posts. I use dark chocolate colour which blends in with the woodstain.

Mocker Sun 12-Apr-15 12:36:05

Thanks again Piglet.

Nightvision - our neighbours (2 lots!) have both refused to contribute / replace their panels. So the only option we have, if we want a nice looking garden, is to bite the bullet and do it ourselves. Does anyone know (Piglet?) if that means we can have the nice side our side all around as we are paying?

Mocker Sun 12-Apr-15 12:38:05

I should add that the neighbours both sides (for us it is the back and side neighbours) have plants growing against theirs so can't actually see most of their panels....

PigletJohn Sun 12-Apr-15 13:26:13

you can face it however you like.

However the side with the supports is easier to climb, which I think is why the owner traditionally has it on the inside. Also it traditionally indicates ownership, and may lead to future argument.

Penfold007 Sun 12-Apr-15 13:37:11

Check your deeds to establish who actually owns the fences. If they belong to the neighbours you can't take them down and replace them unless you have the neighbours' express permission. The fence remains the the property of the neighbours.

You can erect your own fence inside your own boundary.

waddleandtoddle Thu 16-Apr-15 18:34:46

When we got the deeds we found that we owned all of the fences - being niave we thought, great!!! Now we have to think about replacing them we dont feel so good. The people before us made the garden an eye sore, so everyone put up high fences and now the wind has been so bad for the last couple of years they're coming down - so i want to put them back up quick at the same height for aethetic and privacy reasons - but neighbours wont pay half. The fences at the back must be 10 foot high as the garden behind is raised - so im thinking to build half the wall rendered breeze block and the last 3-4ft in contemporary fence. If im paying (and it is expensive) i want them to last a while!!

Baalamooree Fri 17-Apr-15 14:03:45

Following as I've always wanted fences like those.

We are in a terrace and one of our neighbours (who rents her's out) says she doesn't own any of the fences confused Maybe best to get that in writing before I attempt to put new ones up.

If anyone does manage to construct it from slats, rather than ready-made, please let us know how you got on.

Millymollymama Fri 17-Apr-15 15:34:00

Jackson's Fencing have similar. Theirs are more Venetian in style. We are putting up our own fence next to the horrible one put up by our neighbours. It is shared but we don't get on with them and after 5 years, our view of their house is still very unsightly. They have never finished their building work. We will have all the posts on our side and all the panels will face us. I am growing cherry trees in front of the panels so less worried about plants climbing up them. Lessens the maintenance of the fence if you don't have lots of plants against it. Have what fence you want but planning permission is needed if it is over 2m tall, so don't go mad unless you already have a huge fence in situ at the moment. It is a problem if you have high standards but the neighbours don't.

RunsWithScissors Mon 27-Apr-15 13:57:35

I've done my first test panel today. It's not completely the same design as the links, but we wanted a variation of board widths, and to not overlap the (existing) posts.

Went well I think, and cheaper than the £164/6ft panel

Millymollymama Mon 27-Apr-15 14:02:56

Well done! You are obviously very handy when it comes to making fences.

RunsWithScissors Mon 27-Apr-15 14:57:54

Thanks Milly. I'm stubborn and cheap, this leads to me trying to make/build a lot of things not always successfully

Upinthestars Tue 28-Apr-15 20:23:44

That's really good RunsWithScissors. Well done.

Thanks for coming back and updating us!

RunsWithScissors Wed 29-Apr-15 14:53:51

Thanks. I'll try to remember to post once it's all finished :-)

Spell99 Wed 29-Apr-15 15:08:03

If you own all the fences then they are yours to maintain. I'm not sure why you would expect your neighbours to contribute. Remember when they bought they did so on the understanding that they wouldn't have to.

MomOrMum Thu 30-Apr-15 19:49:40

We have this panel for part of our fence and it is nice:

Upinthestars Fri 01-May-15 19:13:32

Spell99 - we don't own 2 of the fences - they belong to our neighbours who don't want to replace them even though they are falling down!

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