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Boiler and plumbing issues please help

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cansu Thu 09-Apr-15 10:27:46

So bought house last year. Boiler is at end of garden, oil fired central heating system. House was bought from a local plumber so assumed all was ok. Was told boiler was recently installed. Ran out of oil so when system was switched back on it wouldn't work. Called out heating engineer who said it was probably air in pipes. However found whole raft of problems with boiler including fact it was running off test switch as was incorrectly wired and that cabling was unsafe. It should be proper armoured cabling, mine was not. boiler is against fence, there is no way to service boiler in current position and the condensing pipe is not correctly sited. There is also no fire valve shut off in boiler. All in all will cost about 600 to fix as need to move boiler and run new cabling. Original owner not often registered. Is there any way I can get money out of him. I am furious as each time there is a problem with the plumbing it turns out that he has done a cowboy job that costs me loads to sort. Any ideas?

nothought4me Thu 09-Apr-15 14:27:29

If the boiler was installed after 2005 then the installation should of been notified to OFTEC and the local building control office. This should of been checked by the solicitors and estate agents. I would be having a conversation with both as to how this was missed.

cansu Thu 09-Apr-15 17:25:27

Really? So the solicitor should have asked for paper work on boiler? I have just been back through paper work and there is nothing about the boiler. I found the original particulars from the estate agents and it actually mentions the recently installed boiler on the front page.

nothought4me Thu 09-Apr-15 17:33:25

They should of checked it was registered with OFTEC / building control so it complies with part L building regulations- energy efficiency. Same applies for gas boilers. If the boiler install is rough then get the oil tank checked as well.

RaymondHarvey Wed 06-May-15 13:00:03

Sad to know that you had to go through such a situation. I can actually imagine your frustration and I do empathize with you. You should have checked the boiler before investing on the project. The best solution now would be to find a fix for all the problems in one go and then see what happens. Do check the paperwork for clues as the original owner is liable to fix the issues before handing it over to you. We had once faced such a difficult situation and not only did the original owner give us the required details, he also arranged a plumber who fixed all the issues that were there. Hence, not to worry, just follow the procedure and i am sure your work will be done.

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