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Does anyone have a good word to say about Persimmon?

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greeneone12 Mon 06-Apr-15 17:28:05

As we have a house reserved with them but right now the bad seems to outweigh the good sad

ASAS Mon 06-Apr-15 17:38:32

They cannot be worse than Bellway would be my guess.

SomewhereIBelong Mon 06-Apr-15 17:41:11

they made me a bloody fortune investing in their shares back in the day... don't know about their houses though... grin

StoorieHoose Mon 06-Apr-15 17:57:15

DH painter for lots of these house builders. He said they are much the same however do be nice to your painter as he will be the one who has been tasked to cover up all the other trades mistakes and can have valuable info about if the shower tray has leaked, if the electricians or joiners have hodges something etc etc

StoorieHoose Mon 06-Apr-15 17:57:56

Bodged not hodges

greeneone12 Mon 06-Apr-15 18:08:03

smile thanks! Doubts we get to meet any of the decorators etc!

ASAS Mon 06-Apr-15 18:13:41

We had a painter in at snagging. I agree with all of what stoorie says.

hiddenhome Mon 06-Apr-15 19:41:58

We have one and it's fine. I like the layout and the room sizes are good for the price. No problems so far.

shabbycaddy Mon 06-Apr-15 21:33:02

Tescos of the house builder world;) only a 3 star house builder with the hbf customer satisfaction, one of the lowest scoring house builders in the uk I work for one of the other major house builders which has people that have worked for persimmon in the past, they seem to very ruthless and care about profit over customers

SnowBells Mon 06-Apr-15 23:30:59


I was in your situation a year ago - not Persimmon, but another developer which is now part of a group that got 5 stars on that hbf customer satisfaction survey that shabbycaddy posted) . I found negative comments about the developer after reserving as well, so I thought I should respond to this.

The Negative
It wasn't exactly plain sailing. They had a delay, and while we moved at the end of last year, we are still fixing stuff now because the workmanship was... let's say... not the greatest.

I think there are a lot of problems with a lot of developers out there. I'm not sure about Persimmon as shabbycaddy says they're ruthless, but in our case, people actually did want to offer good customer service (i.e. marketing suite, development manager / foreman, etc.). What let us (and them) down was the ability of the actual workmen. Unfortunately, I think it's because workmen in the UK aren't trained well enough these days (and if they are, they end up working for the more prestigious developments like Hide Park One), PLUS maybe they have to do too many things in a short amount of time.

DH and I are professionals who sit in front of PCs most days, and with the help of my retired father-in-law (whose old day job also included sitting in front of a PC, but luckily, he's really into engineering and that stuff), we can actually do the work better than the actual workmen. hmm

We pointed out a few issues - e.g. paint cracks... which they simply painted over. No sanding over, and getting rid of the debris. The kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and heaters were all wonky (spirit level, hello?). This means that you don't get a great finish - definitely not like that of a show home. I sometimes wonder whether the people who worked on the show home were "special", and not really the ones who built the actual houses.

The Positive
We bought in a nice and unique development, and I like the look of the houses where we live. I like the design of the streets, the mature trees. In fact, there's a lot of greenery around - more than in your average development. It just looks nice. The front lawns/plants are all done for us (residents pay a management company to do that), so there's no annoying neighbour who doesn't mow the lawn or puts a sofa out on the street (which is forbidden) wink. We have great facilities on-site (sporting, playgrounds, greens, etc.) and public transport is near.

Try not to be too fixated on the actual house itself. Yes, the layout, etc. is important... BUT there will always be snags in new builds. And no matter what, you will always end up having to do stuff yourself.

So my suggestions is this:

Make sure you like the area you're buying in, as well as the ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT itself.

Do not buy what you believe to be a nice house in a so-so development, because at the end of the day, the house itself may disappoint. You will find the silver lining when you realise upon locking the house behind you when you go for a walk... that, hey, the area is great.

I can see myself living where I am for a while. Like today, with the sun out and planted flowers blooming around the avenue of trees on the road verge, it actually felt like I was on holiday somewhere else.

That's when I knew that despite everything that has gone wrong... I probably bought the right place.

LBOCS Mon 06-Apr-15 23:52:04

Snowbells' advice is great. I work closely with a well known house builder and what I find so often is that people's imaginations don't necessarily match up with the reality - for no more or less a reason than the fact that snagging does exist, you are living in a community which involves other people who can be nutty eccentric (really not the developer's problem) and they were sold a dream, sometimes of their own making.

I would buy a new build. But go into it with your eyes open - and a lot of patience.

StoorieHoose Tue 07-Apr-15 07:01:35

greenone I would bet your new house that you will get to meet the painters smile. If you are nice they will even leave you some paint to do touch up etc

SnowBells Thu 09-Apr-15 11:15:19

OP - Just as an example as to what we are dealing with (with one of the 5* builders as shown on shabbycaddy's list... one of the snags we had was that some doors were not straight.

Recently, we have figured out that the way the 'workmen' fixed this was to wedge a cardboard in-between the doorframe and the hinge...

shock shock shock hmm

greeneone12 Thu 16-Apr-15 20:30:21

Thanks all - especially SnowBells

Your comments says it all really - even the 5* builders can't get a door straight!

I just spent so much time over the weekend reading horror stories and am still so close to pulling out. What is stopping me is that a) I feel the move will be best for our family in the long run and b) I do like the town and the development so I guess if we do have issues then at least I will be happy with the location!

Hmmm I have no idea how I will ever reach a conclusion I am happy with sad

shabbycaddy Fri 17-Apr-15 21:23:56

If there are people already living on the estate, just knock on a few doors and ask how there house is, should give you an indication of how good the site is. Also not sure if your bothered by this or not, but persimmon tend to build a lot of homes in timber frame instead of traditional for speed, although not really an issue, some people prefer traditional build.

greeneone12 Sat 18-Apr-15 20:18:10

Thanks shabby We knocked on 4 doors today and everyone is happy with their houses, bar a few snagging issues. Also at this site they build brick and block with block internal walls so we are happy with that.

Also I have heard good things about our site manager - apparently he is a good egg and does really care about his work so that is comforting.

carolinehelen Tue 21-Apr-15 10:26:03

We are about to exchange on one of the first Persimmon homes in a new development in Portsmouth but are having major cold feet due to it being sold as leasehold, with an option to buy the freehold when the development is finished. Has anyone been in this leasehold/freehold situation with them, and if so, was it straightforward and the amount you expected to pay? Thanks so much for any replies!

Hoppinggreen Tue 21-Apr-15 10:52:53

We bought a Persimmon house 14 years ago and are still in it. We part exchanged and got a fair price for our house. It all went very smoothly and any snags were fixed quickly. No complaints at all. We are in a small cul de sac of 6 and 5 of us were very happy with Persimmon. Next door said they had some trouble but I don't know what exactly.
Obviously this was a while ago though so I don't know what they are like now.

youcantstopafatcat Fri 03-Feb-17 08:44:40

Do not buy a house without a freehold. What nobody makes clear is the first right of refusal does not exist on a house (only on flats). There is a MAJOR scam going on at the moment.

Fluffyears Mon 06-Feb-17 22:36:18

I bought mine two months ago and it has been ok. We have a great site manager. Like you we were a bit out off by the reviews but we discussed them with our sales advisor and she told us what is different on this site compared to others. Every member is the resuming staff has been amazing and has gone out of their way to ensure we are happy and I can't fault them. They actually went above and way way way beyond for us (would put me to go into specifics but let's just say I spent a full day in tears due to a fuck up that was nothing to do with them and persimmon sorted it for us free of charge). If you have a good site manager it does makes difference. I am in west Scotland if you are possibly buying on our development?

BonnesVacances Mon 06-Feb-17 22:43:13

We had two whole walls rebuilt on our Persimmon house and had to pay to get surveyor's report done before the NHBC would agree to pay for it. The brick faces were dropping off every time there was a frost because they had used the wrong brick for the area (very wet and damp). We said we'd never touch another Persimmon house again because of it.

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