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DeTerra kitchens

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Gusthetheatrecat Sun 05-Apr-15 09:55:01

I am getting kitchen quotations and have prices from Yew Tree Designs, DIY kitchens, Handmade Kitchens of Christchurch, and Deterra.
The latter have given us a great price, but I am not having much luck finding independent reviews of them online, and wondered if any mumsnetters had used them?
I like their approach and solid wood carcasses, but am wondering whether solid wood would warp so is one of those things that sounds better but actually isn't?!
Grateful for any views or experience.

IloveCheese11 Sun 05-Apr-15 11:48:10

I can't help with the reviews but have another 2 you could add into the mix.

Dorset Kitchens - We visited the showroom and workshop (barn) and spoke to the owners. We were really impressed with the quality and the people. He was aproper carpenter, not a salesman. We've decided to go for a more modern style, but if you want shaker they would be worth considering.

The other company I have found online is Naked Kitchens. They look great (on their website) and do both shaker and modern styles but I haven't been able to find any reviews for them. Their prices look good too. Anyone heard of them or know anyone who used them?

Gusthetheatrecat Sun 05-Apr-15 13:15:25

Oooooh, thank you. Will check them out.

MrsFlorrick Sun 05-Apr-15 19:14:41

Deterra stuff is exactly the same as these guys

I believe the solid wood kitchen people are cheaper.

Solid wood kitchens/Deterra are not in frame kitchens. They have plant on doors. I believe Yew Tree are mainly In Frame.

Gusthetheatrecat Sun 05-Apr-15 19:29:48

MrsFlorrick! I have done so much kitchen research on Mumsnet that I confess I now think of you as something of a kitchen celebrity smile I have admired your kitchen v much (from links you have in threads. Not stalking you, honest.)

Can I ask your opinion on inframe kitchens? Is it worth getting one? Eg, worth going for an inframe from DIY rather than non inframe from DeTerra? I quite like the look but have read warnings about kitchens that are inframe 'look' where the space can become difficult to use.

Also, do you have opinions on wooden carcasses? I definitely want solid wood doors but am not sure re carcasses. Argh I am feeling quite overwhelmed by choice...

MrsFlorrick Mon 06-Apr-15 00:29:44

Gus. thanks
It depends what you like the look of.

There is absolutely no issue with usable space inside in frame cabinet.

I find the advantage with in frame over plant on doors is that the butt hinges on in frames means to you open all the cupboard doors are full 180 degrees where as most plant on can only be opened to 90 degrees unless you by the worlds most expensive hinges.

If you are after a shaker style I would go for in frame without a doubt.

If your kitchen was very very small (say a tiny flat) then perhaps it's worth looking at plant on doors because you wouldn't have enough room to open doors a full 180 anyway.

Have a good look at yew tree. They do nice kitchens and prices are not bad. I will come back and link some more options for you.

MrsFlorrick Mon 06-Apr-15 00:38:11


Ilovecheese already suggested two excellent companies but also have a look at

If you post some more info regarding what you're after and budget etc, I will provide some more information where I can.

Also do have a look at companies such as Plain English and Martin Moore. Just for inspiration as they are ruinously expensive. But worth looking to see if there is a look you're after.

Gusthetheatrecat Tue 07-Apr-15 19:05:31

Thanks so much for all your thoughts, MrsFlorrick! I really appreciate it.
I have just gone through our budget and written down absolutely everything I can think of that we may want to spend money on (new radiator, moving the boiler, redecorating, electrical work...) and the total price is so horrendous that I think I need a lie down!
That said, I am looking for something Shaker style, painted, with quartz worktops (love the look of wood. Know without doubt we wouldn't look after it and would end up with black patches behind the sink). I love Unfitted, and have had a quick look at DeVol and Highams, but think they're out of budget.
The prices we currently have for cabinets only (still in denial about all other costs... Flooring? What flooring? La la la) range between £5k and £9k. I don't think we can go any higher.
I know the sensible thing is to go with DIY who gave us the cheapest price. I am v tempted by Yew Tree as I have heard good things, but is there anyone else I've not thought of?

Gusthetheatrecat Tue 07-Apr-15 19:06:54

I am also looking for grey painted units with the option of 'extra tall' wall cupboards. Love the Ikea grey range but up close it felt too plasticky for me. Shame as would have saved me ££££!

Cheery1 Thu 02-Jun-16 10:00:43

Late notice but: Avoid Deterra - they delivered the kitchen a day late after sending it to the wrong depot costing us £600 in labour. Also the kitchen supplied doesn't actually fit together, the sink unit was missing a piece which when we tod them about it they said was a problem that comes up a lot - they don't supply drawings and only tell you once the kitchen has arrived that they recommend employing a kitchen designer separately as they are a supply only company. In midst of trying to get compensation. Been really stressful.

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 02-Jun-16 11:09:00

Oh blimey ! Are you in a position where it's fixed now ? If you need a profession eye over your plans I'm happy to help mumsnetters FOC (by safety checking their own designs )
But if you need a hand get in touch and I'll see if I can help ! ( I'm A freelance Kitchen designer )

( Gus bought a beautiful kitchen in the end ! Looks amazeballs !)

Cheery1 Thu 02-Jun-16 11:26:38

Ah thanks so much one plan! We've got a great builder who has problem solved galore, just wouldn't want anyone else to go through unnecessary stress that we have (all while 7 months pregnant)!

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