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Is Leyton/Leytonstone a good area to buy?

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HexagonAlley Mon 30-Mar-15 10:54:23

We need to move house. We're not close enough any schools for DS where we are and it's a very over subscribed area. The LA often mad up placing kids miles away or in religious schools.

We're in South Woodford in London/Resbridge.

Ideally we would have liked to be near either of our parents but 1 live in Hackney and the others in Walthamstow. Both totally ou of budget.

We are thinking Leyton/Leytonstone. There are 2 outstanding schools. 1 again has a tiny catchment of 0.3 miles though, the other much bigger and lots of good schools. It's on he central line like south woodford which is ideal and houses are a decent price (4-5 bed for between 500-600...good for London anyway!).

I'm not sure about the area though. Leyton/leytonestone has always been a bit scummy and rough. Much like Walthamstow was before it's quite spectacular makeover as a 'village' confused.

Is it up and coming? There's a couple of hipster/yummy mummy cafes that have opened which suggest so! But I honestly have no idea...

Is there anywhere else in East London that's a viable option?


Gusthetheatrecat Mon 30-Mar-15 11:10:34

There is a lot going on in Leytonstone at the moment, and it seems to have a good vibe. i haven't visited recently but I keep being exhorted to, being told about lovely cafes, a new bookshop, bakery, etc. Hoping to make a day trip over Easter!
I'm in Forest Gate, which has lovely primary schools, and more than a whiff of gentrification about it, too. Prices have gone up a lot recently, though.

TheAwfulDaughter Mon 30-Mar-15 11:13:26

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grumbleina Mon 30-Mar-15 11:36:54

I suspect Leyton/Leytonstone is where all the people in your position (priced out of Hackney/the stow) are going. This is just based on what people I know are doing though, not any actual data.

Apparently the roads off, I think it's twickenham rd, between leyton and leytonstone stations are nice, but I hear Leytonstone centralish is the current likely contender for villageification.

There are mutterings about Forest Gate also, so that might be worth a look?

HexagonAlley Mon 30-Mar-15 11:56:48

Actually it's a school off Twickenham Rd that has the outstanding school and Francis rd has the cafes. It's closer to Leyton than Leytonstone though.

I do prefer 'upper' Leytonstone for houses though not many schools

HexagonAlley Mon 30-Mar-15 11:57:57

theawfuldaughter. Yes that's my concern. Leyton is just not very nice at all

MerryMarigold Mon 30-Mar-15 12:04:20

Parts of Forest Gate are very nice. Look near Wanstead flats. The infant and junior are good to outstanding (good with some outstanding features) and have been for a while (ie. not a quick turn around after a failed inspection!) and I think the junior will soon make it to outstanding as the Head is excellent. It's quick to get into London from the station and Wanstead flats parkland is absolutely amazing. Area is definitely 'up and coming', but a 3 bed is about 550.

MerryMarigold Mon 30-Mar-15 12:07:02

I always think if you are near good green spaces (rare in London), the area will eventually gentrify! Bushwood, Upper Leytonstone & Aldersbrook have been pricey for a while, but the surrounding areas are fast catching up.

HexagonAlley Mon 30-Mar-15 12:12:03

merry can I ask what school that is?

grumbleina Mon 30-Mar-15 12:17:29

Oh I think I know that school. If it's the one I'm thinking of it looks lovely, I've never been in though. Didn't realise it was highly rated but I'm not surprised.

Those roads are nearer Leyton, but I've spent quite a lot of time on them (visiting aforementioned ousted from hackney friends!) and they feel safe and really quite pleasant. Also, no bad thing to be within reach of leyton imo - it's not super nice (yet!) but does have useful stuff, like the giant asda and the tk maxx.

MerryMarigold Mon 30-Mar-15 12:17:52

Woodgrange Infant and Godwin Junior. It has a fairly tight catchment, though has recently gone up a class in size so will probably make the Reception intake easier for the next couple of years before population catches up.

HexagonAlley Mon 30-Mar-15 12:25:50


Gusthetheatrecat Mon 30-Mar-15 20:48:05

Hello Merry, I think we are probably neighbours! I absolutely bloody love Forest Gate: quiet, green, family-friendly, safe. I could rhapsodize for days. But I won't.

HexagonAlley Tue 31-Mar-15 10:05:00

gus. Is forest gate nice now?? I always thought it was another horrible place. Really run down high st and houses.... Round the corner from busy Romford rd.

HexagonAlley Tue 31-Mar-15 10:06:40

A friend used to flat share there 5 yrs ago and didn't feel safe at all at night. Drug dealers she said! Has it totally changed?!

UnderEstherMate Tue 31-Mar-15 10:07:58

Leytonstone has been on the up for a while now. Get in there before house prices go up even more.

niceandwarm Tue 31-Mar-15 10:10:10

I think anywhere in london is a good bet. Look at Hackney. It used to be 'scummy' but not any more. Some parts are less desirable than others but just you wait....

MrsMarigold Tue 31-Mar-15 10:11:02

Leytonstone is the new Crouch End apparently

grumbleina Tue 31-Mar-15 10:55:27

I think in Forest Gate you have to be a bit more choosy about roads etc. Leyton/Leytonstone now is pretty much all 'ok'. It might not be Hackney, but there's a reason it's not as expensive! Whereas Forest Gate, yeah I think there are some places that are still dingy.

That said, 5 years is a LONG time in London. Even Hackney five years ago, it had up and come to a great degree but the Clapton/Homerton end was still affordable, you could buy nice 2/3 bed brick ex-LA flats under £200k. No chance of that now...

MerryMarigold Tue 31-Mar-15 12:04:37

<waves to Gus>! I could wax lyrical too...oh go on, I will then.

Yeah, there is basically a part of FG you need to live in. The 'other' side of Romford Road is still dingy. The 'other' side of Woodgrange Rd is not as desirable apart from a small pocket round Sidney/ Knighton Road. In my opinion, the area which is going to go up the most are the streets of Dames Road as still a little dingy (and not in the good school catchment) but set to rise. You need to be in 'the village' (yes, they are trying to do a Walthamstow on us and apparently succeeding!). The High Street is still a bit dingy, but there's a nice cafe and the market on Sat (lovely organic veg, artisan bread, and lots of home made stuff), an adult choir meets in the school, a WI group, Woodcraft Folk, crochet group, Brownies, Scouts, 2 fabulous playgroups and a 5 min train or drive to Westfield. Kids can swim and learn to dive in the Olympic pool. You can't really get better than that!

You cannot underestimate Wanstead flats in my opinion, or the tree lined streets. We were looking at Redbridge at one point (which then was much more 'desirable' than FG) and I just couldn't handle how concrete and built up it felt. FG is 12 mins to London on the train. Dh cycles in 40 mins to the West End.

There is also a great community feel here. I can't over-emphasize it and I think it's pretty rare compared to other places I have lived. I think it may come from the local (C of E) church which a lot of people go to (not me), but locally everyone has been tied in with each other for a long time and that spirit lives on, I think. Also, you're always bumping into people on the flats, the dog walking community is one community within a community!

HexagonAlley Tue 31-Mar-15 18:38:27

grumbelina do true about Clapton...who knew 5 yrs ago it was going to be full of artisan bakeries vintage toy shops and antiques stores. Still can't believe grim Chatsworth rd is so cool now.

merry that's really interesting infor about FG. Thanks.

Does anyone know anything about Newport and Davies Lane Primary in Leytonstone?

DrownedGirl Wed 01-Apr-15 19:43:47

Davies lane is a very good school

failingmammalian Wed 01-Apr-15 20:25:11

We've been here almost a year and are v happy--the commute is awesome, the red lion pub is fab, the wild goose bakery is overpriced but friendly and what you might call reassuringly expensive if gentrification is what you're after! It feels safe, super friendly, a nice mix of people , fabulous green spaces ( you can't believe you're in london in the middle of the wansted flats).also worth mentioning the wonderful nurseries and a couple schools I'm hoping are as decent as they sound . At a recent ante natal thing I met a few couples who have just moved here like us , which was really nice ...however it is rough around the edges and the high st is not going to become a village overnight. Meanwhile tho I'm enjoying the convenience and bargains of argos/pound land/matalan! We wil miss them when they turn into posh coffee shops I'm sure. ...

MerryMarigold Wed 01-Apr-15 20:47:25

Forest Gate 'Village' = 2 min WALK to Wanstead Flats

me pushy?

TeddyBee Wed 01-Apr-15 22:21:00

Woodford Bridge - we're awesome here. Lots of parks, easy commute and the schools are fine (well, maybe not Ray Lodge). You'll get a lovely house for 500-600 (mine for example which is a five bed semi on a tiny cul de sac) and there are some really good new builds as well literally next door to Claybury Park.

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