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New sofa- help me decide!

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Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 09:41:47

At the point I need a new settee and can't decide. Am in love with the sunshine yellow Jonah from, but not sure re quality and durability with small children? We actually rarely use our front room but still don't want it getting wrecked. Came across the fifty eight g plan by Wayne Hemingway and lusting after that in grey or teal, buts it's expensive!! Looks the business though. Have been meaning to buy one for three years now but am so indecisive! Will post links below....

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 09:43:27

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 09:44:46$ja=cgid:15058819126|tsid:54955|cid:389223406|lid:104306340046|nw:g|crid:66103141366|rnd:16381861181580637179|dvc:m|adp:1o2&gclid=CL-78f7ZwMQCFQTJtAodJSEAxA

specialsubject Tue 24-Mar-15 09:50:54

PMSL at the yellow one; family members have originals of the fifties-style. They have lasted well with just reupholstering.

They love them but everyone else finds them incredibly uncomfortable.

specialsubject Tue 24-Mar-15 09:52:22

same for the other one; don't even think of buying without sitting on it for an hour or so. Or trying to...

the backs are at the wrong angle and the seats are too narrow to be supportive.

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 09:55:11

Is it awful that I'm far more concerned about how they look than how they feel when sat on?! grin

specialsubject Tue 24-Mar-15 09:58:17

your house your choice! Just a warning that they will be decorative rather than functional.

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 10:01:36

Same sort of thing, but suspiciously cheap!

PrimalLass Tue 24-Mar-15 10:50:43

Vastly cheaper and looks a lot comfier.

MerryMarigold Tue 24-Mar-15 10:54:35

I'm ogling this one at the moment if you want modern. It's gorgeous though rather huge!

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 11:15:14

Hmm, not too keen on leather but actually love that! We'd neverget it in our weird shaped room though.

That tesco one is really nice, very tempted, but wonder if it looks super cheap?

PrimalLass Tue 24-Mar-15 11:20:07

We bought two of the velvet 'Kensington' sofas from Tesco last year. They had a similar offer on (I think it was £100 off when you spend £400) so we bought one each to get the discount twice and also used CC points on a double up.

They look so much more expensive than they were.

Zinxie Tue 24-Mar-15 11:23:30

Are they comfortable, primalLass? I wouldn't buy a sofa without sitting on it first. You woke me up to the fact tesco sells sofas! Do they only sell online? Or are there big tescos around? ( where I live there are only tiny ones )

PrimalLass Tue 24-Mar-15 11:25:51

They are comfy. They were a bit firm at first, but that's better than too soft.

We had our last sofas 13 years - also bought from the internet without seeing them first.

I think there are/were large Tesco Homestores.

Zinxie Tue 24-Mar-15 11:29:03

I just googled..24 miles from me is a tesco home store. Well the sofas are very good looking and a good price. You got a good deal!

PrimalLass Tue 24-Mar-15 11:30:52

We did. I think with codes and points we paid about £500 for the two sofas.

MerryMarigold Tue 24-Mar-15 11:48:24

Tolly, you can get in fabric I think. Habitat sofas. I can only afford ebay ones at a push!

HeyDuggee Tue 24-Mar-15 11:54:41

I sat on this one from habitat and found it comfortable. However, I was searching on behalf of elderly parents who wanted a high back and quite a high height, so that they could get up easier, as they started having problems getting up out of sofas you sink into. I'd say it was a sit and read a book sofa, not a curl up, put your feet up with a glass of wine and read a book sofa.

HeyDuggee Tue 24-Mar-15 11:59:58

Cross post. In that case, check out this ebay business which sells discontinued fabric or prototype sofas from Habitat, John Lewis, etc. There was a mustard colour Barbican sofa similar to the one you linked to on there last week I think, which didn't sell. You could always email to see if they still have it. Also, you can go to your local store and sit on the actual sofas to test them.

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 13:32:51

heyduggee thanks so much, that link looks great. Wonder where they're based?

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 13:35:32

That habitat one is lush too.

vikkiroberts84 Tue 24-Mar-15 14:13:28

MerryMarigold Tue 24-Mar-15 15:09:08

duggee, that ebay seller is fantastic. Now added to fav sellers!

Tolly, why not leather?

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 16:11:30

Leathers a bit cold and our house is quite dark so hankering after something quite bright

Tollygunge Tue 24-Mar-15 16:14:20

vikkiroberts why have you shown me that?! It's beautiful, but the price!!! Working out whether to cancel my hols this year to buy that baby!

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