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Anyone used an on-line EA like PurpleBricks to sell?

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Draylon Tue 10-Mar-15 15:32:03


DB is thinking about selling deceased mother's house via same.

I am wondering what anyone's experience has been?

I'm not 'scared' of the prospect, especially as I marketed and sold our house in Australia myself; but that doesn't mean it'll be easy here! Although, I have to say, I am amazed at how you, the vendor, who'll be paying an EA 1.25-25% of your final price expects you to do the bloody viewings!

Zoopla and Rightmove actually appear to do 'the work'!

And you have no dealings whatsoever with your buyer or vendor in Aus if you employ an agent!

Andcake Tue 10-Mar-15 17:26:06

Hi - I asked a similar question a few weeks ago - on another thread I posted on someone said they had and it was a good experience - I just can't find it now.
So far I have spoken to them on the phone and they seem ok. I am asking them round for a valuation and a few local estate agents before i make my decision.

From chatting to them it sounds liek they basically are a normal estate agents without an office and you can pay extra for them doing viewings and things.

Andcake Tue 10-Mar-15 17:28:20

ahh it was this thread

Storagehunter Tue 10-Mar-15 19:47:10

It was me that recommended Purplebricks. Our house sold in about a week - although properties shift very quickly in my area.

I reckon we will have saved several thousand pounds; the cheapest quote I got from a traditional agent was 1% plus vat, which would have been around 5.3K. We are actually paying a total of £798 (£665 plus VAT).

As Andcake says, you can pay them to do viewings, but my ex-H enjoyed this himself, so we saved a bit there too.

The only downside is that you have to pay their fee whether your property sells or not. But, you no longer have to pay it upfront, they will deduct it from the proceeds. I seem to recall that you have about ten months before they will actually ask for their fee.

So OP, don't be scared - just go for it!

Andcake Tue 10-Mar-15 20:23:46

Thanks for the extra info - can I ask what area you are in were in north London

Storagehunter Tue 10-Mar-15 20:42:17

Hi, I'm in the South, not too far from London but also in an area where houses are expensive! In fact I 'd love to move away to get a bigger and cheaper property but there is too much keeping me here, eg, job, family, friends, etc. Perhaps one day......

Andcake Wed 11-Mar-15 14:14:09

Thanks storagehunter - so I may have a similar experience - hopefully.
TBH I've started looking at houses to move into and trying to arrange viewings and tbh I am not very impressed with the effciency fo the normal estate agents and the delay in communicating with me. If i was there vendor I would be concerned that they weren't earning their money!

Draylon Wed 03-Jun-15 08:13:21

Can I bump this? We're approaching the stage of wanting to put the property on the market!

Onecurrantbun Wed 03-Jun-15 10:05:44

I must say we used a traditional agent but we are in a very suburban area and properties like our last one were nothing special - ours was of course a lovely example of the type, but it was very much a 1970s identikit estate. Our agent did a fab job and was worth every penny imo (although ours only cost approx £1700 as property prices aren't that high round here) I did viewings myself and due to their contacts we sold within 10 days (v unusual) They also did a great job of chasing the rest of the chain once we were ready

Otoh someone higher up the chain was using an internet agent - they had no idea about the property, couldn't find it on the database etc. I guess with no chain slight delays like that don't matter so much though!

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