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Acton houses

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hiphophippity Wed 04-Mar-15 14:04:03

I have been on here before talking houses at the 1mill mark in West London. We are now nosing about in Acton - Poet's Corner specifically... And would love some chat from anyone about the area /which roads to avoid. We would be keeping the house for at least 8/10 years so would benefit from Crossrail expansion. Thanks!

Teabaglady Wed 04-Mar-15 15:14:26

Anywhere that is in the Poets Corner area is fairly nice, it is still a 'mixed' area but it has a nice local primary school and also possibly the Ark Priory primary school -there's talk of new secondary school being opened near Acton too which would be good for future. Also Perryn Rd and roads on other side of the railway at Acton Central from Poets Corner are v. popular - most things seem to be plus £1m now!

hiphophippity Wed 04-Mar-15 19:08:58

Yes most family houses seem to be edging up to a mill. How far up does poet's corner go? Seems to be a bit cheaper further north. Thanks!

hiphophippity Thu 05-Mar-15 14:41:52

BUMP... Any Acton dwellers around?!

superram Fri 06-Mar-15 16:45:06

I wouldn't live round there unless you are very close to chiswick. Check catchments for schools. There isn't a lot there unless you can walk to chiswick high road.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 06-Mar-15 21:02:19

Northfields might be better value? Lovely shops, and lots of good schools and the Piccadilly Line. People who move from Acton often pleasantly surprised. Acton is very nice but very overpriced if you are just moving in. If you are there already it is nice to stay put but why not move somewhere with a bit more space for your money.

I say all this because a friend finally bit the bullet and moved to downsize and ended up upsizing with a bigger garden better transport and in heaven with shops and parks in Northfields. Lovely community there.

Or Pitzhanger not so good with transport but a great village feel.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 06-Mar-15 21:04:11

If your heart is really set on Acton round the Japanese School is a delightful little enclave - pretty tudorbethan houses Central Line, Fish shop for sushi. I would say Poet's Corner is now much too expensive unless you are moving from Notting Hill. wink

TheFantasticFixit Sat 07-Mar-15 01:39:01

We moved from Grafton Road which is probably at the top if Poets Corner (although to be honest that is just EA speak) and the houses there, on the edge were selling at about £1.35mill. I echo the sentiment that Perryn Rd etc is slightly cheaper and still lovely, very close to the park (which is one of the best things about Acton, the park is fantastic with the most lovely little cafe at its centre). Churchfield Rd is really great now with a couple of fab pubs, cafes, delis, a GREAT barbers, and a brill indie wine shop that have wine tastings regularly. There are development plans afoot at the top of Churchfield Rd, where a big multi-million pound development is going up and i think a lot of stores are proposed for there. Not on Churchfield Rd but just up the road is The Aeronaut which is my top recommendation for the area, definitely seek it out! Acton centre needs a bit of a facelift admittedly but it has a multicultural vibe and you can find pretty much anything you need on a day to day basis. Our daughter thrived at the Montessori Nursery, and as others have said, there is a very nice little school there. With Crossrail coming, Acton is ripe for development and although i think you are buying there a bit after the boom in prices (our flat went from £385k to 550k in 2 years!) there is still investment to be had.

Ealing Broadway/common are walkable and Chiswick High Rd is only about 12 mins on the bus away. I TOTALLY disagree with the pp who said Acton has so little going on, they clearly have not lived there - or certainly not recently.

As it happens, prior to moving to Acton we lived in Pitshanger as well and it is my favourite place in London. Very villagey feel, lovely cottages, conservation area, great 'high street' on the Lane and there are so many events organised throughout the year that really appeal to families. Great pub, restaurants and cafes with a lovely little bookshop and a beautiful park. We got married in St Barnabas on the Lane! Lovely GP. I could rave about it all day. No tube, only buses to Ealing Broadway but they are very regular and we had no problems living there without a car. 4 beds are still coming in under £1 million.

This is making me yearn for my old stomping grounds now!

Good luck on your search OP smile

Swanhildapirouetting Sun 08-Mar-15 23:10:07

I would avoid Emmanuel Avenue - it seems to be a bit rough up there despite being near the Mainline - and it hasn't changed since I've lived there for 15 years. Whereas Eastbourne Messaline Woodhurst Goldsmith are all charming. It is just that the small houses round Churchfield Road seem to have become incredibly expensive just because of the Poet's Corner label. When you want to move or expand you will find you cannot afford the next rung in Acton. And that is the problem if you want to put down roots. Whereas if you start in a slightly less classy house in basically the same location you get far more for your money if you head out to Perryn Road side

Other friends live near North Acton playing fields - a Garden village which has a good bus connection and is very near the Westway if you want to drive fast somewhere. West Acton tube again handy for that. All the Highfield and Lowfield Cloister Roads etc. They are happy there and the park (North Acton playing fields) is great if your children are sporty or you have a dog. It is very low rise up there but not possibly the Victorian vibe you get in Poet's Corner.

hiphophippity Mon 09-Mar-15 09:36:47

Thanks all for great insight. The hunt continues...

hiphophippity Mon 09-Mar-15 09:55:15
opinions on this? (for those with acton knowledge ;)

Swanhildapirouetting Mon 09-Mar-15 10:15:50

Leafy Springfield Gardens (with playground) is on your doorstep. Not big enough for a vigorous dog but a nice place for toddlers and after school play. You are next to two primaries (St V and Derwentwater) Bus route is 266 (erratic) otherwise nearest bus stop for E3 440 207 607 is up by Morrisons so at least 7 mins walk to that. You are near Acton Mainline (5mins walk uphill) and you could walk to Acton Town in about 10 mins. You are very short walk from Morrisons and a very short walk from the neighbourhood of Poet's Corner. But you are at least 10 mins walk or more with a pushchair or a toddler from Acton Park. Stuart Road is same size houses but much more convenient for buses. Near Acton Park is much more convenient for Silverlink and obviously Acton Park. It depends what you are after - do you have a dog a child a car want cafe life? Will you be trying to get out by car to some other part of London frequently?

Tbh the price you are paying for that house is in the fact that it is all done up. Not a particularily large garden.

Horn Lane is quite noisy but across the road is another very nice enclave - Pierrepont and Creswick Road so you are surrounded by pleasant streets. Look up similar in Northfields or Pitshanger just to see what you are paying to live "in Acton". I know people in Summerlands and they are happy there but have been there several years. It just depends whether you want a larger garden and space to expand - that house is not going to offer those.

Glastronaut Mon 11-Apr-16 20:51:45

Hello hiphophippity! I know this is an old thread but we're looking for a similar thing now and I'd be really interested to hear how your search ended....

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