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L Shaped Baths

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Confusedhousehunter Mon 02-Mar-15 16:25:39

Has anybody got one of these and how do you find them space wise?
Do they make it awkward when trying to bathe small children?

I'm worried that it may make our bathroom cramped. Our basin and vanity unit will be beside the bath but at the opposite end to the shower. So this could potentially limit the space I have to lean into the bath when washing the toddler.

foolserrand Mon 02-Mar-15 16:48:14

We have an L-shape. I love it! We've 3 dc (6, 2yrs 10mo and 16 mo) and it was invaluable during my unplanned home birth with dd2! There was enough space to give birth. I plonk all 3 in together. Biggest by the taps, littlest at the shallow end. Works really well. It is deep, but I never noticed that when bathing them.

Kieron79 Mon 02-Mar-15 17:09:38

We have this one and it's great, a real space saver but still gives plenty of room to shower

Confusedhousehunter Mon 02-Mar-15 17:22:10

If there was a sink and vanity unit at the other end of the bath from where the glass screen is would it be difficult to get into when bathing children?

CaurnieBred Mon 02-Mar-15 17:28:07

The one we have, the screen folds in so it is flush(ish) with the wall - obviously the small "L" part of the screen stops it going totally flush, and under the shower itself, so plenty of room (just make sure when they are fitting the shower head that it is high enough that the screen can swing past it).

Sprinkles86 Sun 24-Jan-16 16:52:13

Apologies I know this thread is a little old.

We are on our 2nd L shaped bath screen and both have leaked at the base of the the right angle/wall end.

Can anyone please recommend a brand or let me know where you purchased yours from? I am about to contact our plumber again as its a new bathroom and would like to give him some recommendations. I fear he uses his one and only supplier each time!

Many thanks in advance.


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