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Rhino Aluminium Bi folding doors

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Jitcando10 Mon 02-Mar-15 12:19:10


Was hoping for your help please. we found the following company
offering cheapest bi folding doors in the market, however there seems to be no reviews available on them. Have you come across them and have any feedback please?


Lelivre Mon 02-Mar-15 14:24:41

What sort of quotes have you had? Will be looking to replace our soon enough.

Jitcando10 Mon 02-Mar-15 16:39:23

Hi Lelivre

We were quoted £3k for 4.2 m by 2.1 m grey bifolding doors. The best one we found after many months of looking..

GospelOak Thu 04-Jun-15 18:34:22

Hi, has anyone gone any further with the Rhino doors? We have also had a few quotes, most higher, and would really like to hear from someone who has actually lived with them for a while! Tx.

Marley9 Thu 13-Aug-15 16:57:54

Has anyone hoy on views on using Rhino Aluminium based in Kent. I'am after some Bi-Fold doors and i've seen their details on ebay.

Thank you

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