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Wooden windows

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Kundry Thu 26-Feb-15 08:38:31

Any recommendations for companies supplying wooden windows?

I'm in a listed building so stuck with wooden windows only, need a new back door, new set of French doors and replacing one window.

Currently in shock at the price of uPVC windows and realising wooden will be even worse, plus reading horror stories about window companies on line.

Am in Cambridgeshire - would be glad of any tips!

puffylovett Thu 26-Feb-15 20:56:08

Find a local joiner? They may be cheaper than a window company

pashmina696 Thu 26-Feb-15 21:02:20

it depends on the size of your doors/windows whether you can buy standard or need to go bespoke - we managed to find a standard sized georgian pane wooden french door with side lights in wickes that fitted perfectly and a fraction of the price of a bespoke door. I used voysey and jones for a bespoke front door as the space wasn't standard sized and we wanted something in keeping with the neighbouring houses, the service was excellent. never bought a window!

PigletJohn Thu 26-Feb-15 21:44:42

There is a chance your window cleaner will know local firms, who you may find preferable to the nationals. Mine did.

MaryShelley Fri 27-Feb-15 07:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OliviaBenson Fri 27-Feb-15 08:36:49

Catalogue windows are unlikely to fit, or be accepted. You will need to do faithful replacements and usually single glazed. Do they actually need replacement or can they be repaired (I've seen miracles worked before). Your local conservation officer may have details of heritage friendly joiners- local is best.

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 08:49:24

They are modern windows although wooden and I think were picked up cheap and put in - there are actually quite random and don't fit properly or look right for the building. They are in a very badly finished modern extension rather than the original building and from my knowledge of the previous owner, probably picked up as scrap and reused.

So no, faithful replacements will not be needed and repair not an option!

OliviaBenson Fri 27-Feb-15 12:51:27

But if you apply for listed building consent for replacements, they may insist that they are made so that they do fit with the character of the property. You'll need to check anyway with your local planning department.

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 13:38:39

Sorry - not making myself clear. The current windows are not in keeping with the property and that's why I'm changing them to ones that are (OK, and I want some french doors too smile) Just would like not to be ripped off in the process.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Fri 27-Feb-15 14:06:13

Our last house wasn't listed but was a Georgian thatch in an AONB so when we had to replace our front windows, we wanted them to be sympathetic to the character of the building.

We had quotes for hardwood DG sashes from larger firms and smaller, local joiners and found the larger firms were more expensive/less reliable when it came to quoting.

We used a local joinery co and paid around £10k for seven windows in Wiltshire.

Toomuchtea Fri 27-Feb-15 17:59:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 18:43:45

Yes I have. I'm not an idiot. I was just asking for window recommendations.

Guess I shouldn't have bothered.

Littlefish Fri 27-Feb-15 18:54:06

That was unnecessarily rude Kundry.

Toomuch was trying to help.

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 19:02:23

TBH, I found Toomuch's tone patronizing- 'Have you actually spoken...'

It didn't come over as helpful which led to my response. Apologies for being shitty but I do actually know my own circumstances very well and the tone grated.

FoodPorn Fri 27-Feb-15 19:15:49

I think toomuch was trying to help and gave some useful advice. Obviously, we don't know your circumstances so you are likely to have some tips on points that you already have covered hmm

I came here to say local joiner based on my experience with bigger wooden window company. I won't say anything else in case it offends you! grin

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 19:29:32

No - local joiner is totally the advice I was after. I was worried by all the reports about large companies and seeing as lots of good local experiences, that is where I shall look.

Toomuchtea Fri 27-Feb-15 19:51:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kundry Fri 27-Feb-15 19:58:21

Sorry I got shitty flowers

If you saw the windows you would be amazed they got permission possibly they didn't No-one would think they were in keeping, they are just random odd sized windows and doors clearly taken out of a skip shock

Toomuchtea Fri 27-Feb-15 20:00:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bobkate Fri 27-Feb-15 20:17:53

We've just had a company called Fyntons do our windows. They are based in Pampisford. Highly recommend them. Hope that helps smile The whole process has been a pleasure, excellent fitters, great finish and just all round nice people to deal with.

MoreBeta Fri 27-Feb-15 20:27:45

We paid £850 for an exact replica handmade sash window from a local joiner including fitting. They are not cheap. It would have cost more with Crown glass rather than modern glass in it.

It had to be an exact replica as it was a Listed building.

batgirl22 Sun 12-Jul-15 10:42:23

Hi Bobkate - Interested to see you used Fyntons to do your windows. We're considering getting them to do a bifold door. Sounds like you had a good experience with them. Do you know anyone who has used them for bifolds?

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