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Thereyouarepeter Mon 23-Feb-15 12:46:00

Looking for some help.

I'm really struggling to see what a regular estate agent can offer me over an online company...and the price difference are significant to say the least.

Does anyone have any experience of successfully using an online company? If so does anybody have any recommendations?


huhpuh Mon 23-Feb-15 12:59:14

We used House Network to sell ours a couple of years ago. It cost £500 upfront and saved us about £6000 over a traditional EA. They took all the photos, measurements and description (which we could edit), put it up on Right Move etc. They also arranged all the viewings and took in all offers. I conducted the viewings.

They were a bit fuzzy on price so we for some local EAs to come and value the house and used their average price - plus I already had a reasonable idea of what our house was worth.

We had a good experience with them but you do need to be quite involved in the process - price, viewings, firm in negotiations. I wouldn't suggest to someone who needed a lot of hand holding through the purchase. But luckily I'm a control freak with an interest in houses so it worked fine for me, pus the financial saving was staggering!

Lasvegas Mon 23-Feb-15 13:32:13

we are in the process of buying a property that was on sale with tepilo. it has been very good. As you can speak to seller directly re viewing and offer.

have just signed up to use tepilo to sell a house. Estate agent inc VAT was £9,300 and tepilo most expensive package £1,400.

i have bought and sold several properties in the past using an agent so i am very confident what i am doing.

i dislike dealing with agents very rarely have a met one with much intelligence.

PickleFinger Wed 10-Jun-15 10:18:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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