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Has anyone here used Dulux Moroccan Flame?

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Pavonia Tue 17-Feb-15 09:17:40

I'm thinking about using this in my sitting room (not every wall) but not sure whether it will be too much to live with. I would appreciate thoughts, especially if you've used it, whether you are pleased with it.


Cobain Tue 17-Feb-15 11:21:51

Friend has it but needs good lighting to avoid the terracotta feel and I think I used my entire life's supply of terracotta in the early 90's. She loved it but changed it use from original idea of living room and instead used in bright sun room to give full impact of the orange.

yomellamoHelly Tue 17-Feb-15 13:02:01

Ds's room is painted this (at his behest).
All the walls (is box room size). With cream carpet, rug and blind. 2 lights are orange (1 of these a rock light so orangy glow when on) and a cream one (strips of material so textured when switched on). Bedding orange. Sofa cream with mix of cream and orange cushions and has an orangy picture in a dark mahogany frame. His furniture is white.
You could say we really went for it! (Originally wanted a bright red blind rather than cream, but I vetoed this.)
Is a south facing room and is really warm and beautiful particularly at night. So much so that the orange is going to spread to other rooms in the house (though not in the full-on everything orange way).
Only downer was that it took a lot of coats decorating-wise (went for the strongest shade).
His friends all think it's fab.

Pavonia Tue 17-Feb-15 14:09:58

Thanks both of you for replies.

My sitting room isn't that bright, so I'm thinking it may look dark rather than zingy.

Back to the paint chart then.

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