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Bathroom extractor fan

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SheriffCallie Sat 14-Feb-15 22:45:37

When we moved house, the survey flagged up some damp in the bathroom, thought to be caused by condensation due to having no extractor fan.
A family friend who is an electrician has offered to fit one for us when he is less busy, he's told us to go ahead and get one and then he'll book us in.
However we know nothing about this type of thing. Any sparks/plumbers advise on decent brands? We will most like be installing on the wall as we hope to convert the loft and a loft vented one won't work. Or will it? We could possibly box it off in the corner that will be a walk in wardrobe?
Anyway, thoughts? Thanks in advance.

SheriffCallie Sun 15-Feb-15 14:00:42

Anyone? We can ask our friend for recommendations but didn't want to bother him again as he's so busy, if I could get an answer on here.

PigletJohn Sun 15-Feb-15 14:49:31

the ducted inline fans are much more powerful that the little in-wall ones, as well as quieter.

If the duct can be run near the eaves, it need not intrude into your loft room.

the vent-axia ones seem to have better reviews than xpelair

read the air shifted rate. 240 cubic metres per hour is a lot, 80 cu.m/hr is quite poor.

Also see the noise rating in db.

Disregard the cheap little inline fans.

Rigid duct is much better than that convoluted hose.

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