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John Lewis of Hungerford - what discount should we expect?

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brumeye Fri 13-Feb-15 16:14:42

We've had a kitchen design from John Lewis of Hungerford with units priced at £18k inc vat, with a so-called discount of 20% (presumably everyone gets this), bringing it down to £14,500 or so.

Any ideas what kind of discount I should be able to haggle them down to? I guess it must depend on sales targets to some extent, but a ballpark figure would be useful. Will almost certainly be going elsewhere for our 8m of Quartz, which they want another £5,500 for! Their fitting is just under £4k which also seems steep (no plumbing or electrics included) - has anyone had their JLoH kitchen fitted by someone else successfully?

Sunnyshores Fri 13-Feb-15 16:49:28

I havent had a JLoH kitchen, but had a kitstone one. They didnt offer a discount, but ith bartering I was able to get a free dishwasher and a reduced sink. So def worth asking for something if no cash discount is on offer.
Fitting does sound steep, we paid £2200 for a £15k kitchen. Having said that by using their recommended fitter who had obviously fitted alot of the same units, he did an amazing job of offsetting units, making tray 'gaps' next to the cooker, made a tall thin cupboard - all instead of just leaving gaps at the end of runs. He made the kitchen really special and bespoke.

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 14-Feb-15 09:31:45

Always worth haggling -and if you have at least one other quote for the same layout,that helps with the haggling process as shows you are committed to buy something - not just looking - just be firm - a bit cheeky and stay positive!! Good luck !!!

EmGee Sat 14-Feb-15 13:31:45

We've just haggled an extra 700€ off our new kitchen by agreeing to an advert for the kitchen company going up on our garden fence for a couple of weeks (we won't see it from our house). So I would haggle away. You've nothing to lose.

4k seems very high for installation.

brumeye Mon 16-Feb-15 13:40:24

Thanks for the advice. We've found a local firm which, although they're not as high-end (no solid oak drawer boxes etc) are happy to produce units in custom sizes and make us the style of cupboard door we're looking for in any colour we want. The designer seemed to know what he was talking about too.

We'll get a quote from them and see whether JLoH are worth the extra cost :-)

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