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Fitted Wardrobes - advice

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Newhere2 Fri 13-Feb-15 12:46:33


I'm looking for advice on fitted wardrobes such as the below. I've never had to do these so am not sure what I should be looking for and what I should avoid:

- quality, what level should I go for
- hinges is there a type that is important
- any design considerations that I should consider
- any space saving ideas in loft bedrooms

Any advice at all really regarding wardrobes. I've to do the whole house and its an expense that I can't afford to get wrong.

thx for your advice

melomal Mon 16-Feb-15 10:05:50

Firstly you should know what amount of storage you need i.e. hanging areas drawers, shelving etc.

What are your priorities do you favour good storage design or looks? Do you want a modern bedroom or traditional?

You can have a very smart bedroom utilising some open shelving rather than having doors over everything.

If you can try to avoid sliding doors, poor quality sliders can be very disappointing whilst good quality tracking can be very expensive.

Also try to formulate a strict budget that you won't go over, even though you'll always be tempted too, stick with it. Also if you can't get the wardrobes that you want I strongly suggest you wait until your budget allows otherwise you'll spend alot of time going through a 'what if' mindset.

Hope this helps!

Newhere2 Mon 16-Feb-15 15:18:43

thanks. Very helpful.

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