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some quick advice please, i'd rather not electricute myself!

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kojackscat Fri 13-Feb-15 09:51:41

Hi, I have an old, unused virgin inlet (I'm sure that's not the correct word!) on the wall. It has three cables coming out of it. I would like to cut them off, as they are just hanging and getting in the way. Two look like Ariel cables, no idea what the other is. It looks electrical, but the end is just open, so I doubt its live.

If I cut them, will I get hurt? Here are some photos. Thanks

wowfudge Fri 13-Feb-15 10:09:21

We have unused Virgin cables coming in - I just used the wire cutters on a pair of pliers to trim them so they didn't poke up through the floor.

kojackscat Fri 13-Feb-15 11:09:06


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